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iPhone 14 2022: How to Use Safety Check and Emergency SOS on iOS 16 | #ios | #apple | #iossecurity | #hacking | #aihp

Apple has added two new features to its iPhone 14 lineup via the recently launched iOS 16. These new features will allow you to deal with attacks and privacy violations online, and it can help separate you from dangerous people or situations. 

These new features are Safety Check and Emergency SOS, and here’s how to use them. 

Safety Check Feature

One of the most significant new features in Apple’s iOS 16 is Safety Check, which is meant for users who find themselves in a difficult or abusive situation. 

Partners and family members often share apps and features such as calendars, photos, and location, among others. Unfortunately, these tools are also used to abuse others if the wrong person gets access to them. 

Safety Check will allow you to cut off the connections to your apps so that your abuser will no longer be able to track you or contact you, according to The Verge.

Apple said that the data that will no longer be shared are location information, home data, photo albums, and more. 

To use Safety Check, go to Setting and tap Privacy and Security. Next, select Safety Check and you will see two features: Emergency Reset and Manage Sharing and Access. 

If you need to cut off access to your accounts, just tap on Emergency Reset. You will be asked for a Face ID or other ID to access it. 

Tap Start Emergency Reset and you will be guided through the process of protecting your data from apps and people, how to change your Apple ID, and adding or removing contacts in your phone. 

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If you want to do a more considered review of specific people and apps that you’d want to cut off, tap Manage Sharing and Access. You will be asked for an ID for verification, according to 9to5Mac.

Tap on the Continue button, and you will be guided to adjust who you are sharing apps with, which apps have access to your personal data, which devices are linked to your Apple ID, and which phone numbers are used to verify your account. 

You will also be asked if you want to update your Apple ID password, add or remove contacts, or update your device passcode. 

Note that on every page of Safety Check, a Quick Exit link located in the upper right corner will move you back to your homepage. 

Emergency SOS Feature

Apple iOS 16’s Emergency SOS allows you to make an emergency call by pressing and holding the side button and one of the volume buttons. 

To activate the Emergency SOS feature, just go to Settings and tap Emergency SOS. You can activate the feature by toggling on either Call with Hold or Call with 5 Presses. 

When you perform the chosen action, you will see a countdown timer and the sound of an alert. After that, emergency services will be immediately called, according to Wired.

You can also choose an emergency contact to be alerted if the feature is activated. 

Tap Settings and select Emergency SOS. Next, set up Emergency Contacts in Health and you will be taken to the Medical ID page. 

Tap Create Medical ID and scroll down to Emergency Contacts, and tap add emergency contact. You will be able to choose a person from your contacts list.

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