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A mess of notifications is nothing new on the iPhone.

But this particular type of hack attack that abuses them is.

It’s called “MFA Bombing,” the latest way hackers attempt to access your Apple Account.

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MFA stands for “multi-factor authentication,” a highly recommended form of two-factor security that secures your account with a one-time code required for access after you log in.

But now, bad actors are taking advantage of it, flooding iPhones with multiple notifications asking to approve a password reset.

You can’t use your device until you respond to the prompts.

But here’s the twist, as reported by tech entrepreneur Parth Patel on X: the scammers will call you during this “bombing” process, pretending to be Apple Support.

Reverse search the number they’re calling from, and it’s the official Apple phone support line.

Once they have you on the phone, they will try to trick you into giving them one of these codes that would allow them to log in and take over your account.

Parth said he asked the scammers to verify some of his information, which they did thanks to publicly available information on those annoying people’s search sites. However, they got tripped up on his real name, which gave the scam away.

The bottom line is that if your phone is suddenly flooded with approval requests and one-time codes, you could be under attack. Be very aware, and don’t approve those requests or share those codes with anyone.

Apple has yet to comment on the issue. To prevent these sorts of attacks, they could change the iOS software to limit multiple requests like this in a certain time frame.


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