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Apple has issued an alert for iPhone users over a ‘mercenary spyware attack’ that they might have fallen prey to. The iPhone maker has issued a threat notification to iPhone users in India and 91 other countries, citing that attackers may have tried to “remotely compromise the iPhone”, as per a Reuters report. 

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Apple issues threat notification

Apple has not yet attributed these attacks to a specific threat actor or malicious group. In an email sent to users (via the Economic Times), it alerted users of someone trying to compromise the iPhone tied to a specific Apple ID. The iPhone maker then updated its support page, providing information about these notifications.

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Apple says, “Apple threat notifications are designed to inform and assist users who may have been individually targeted by mercenary spyware attacks, likely because of who they are or what they do.”

Mercenary spyware attacks are more complicated than your run-of-the-mill cybersecurity attacks because the threat actors utilize vast resources to target a specific person or small group of people. According to Apple, while these attacks have a short shelf life, they cost millions of dollars to carry out. Not all people fall prey to these attacks. Civil society organizations, technology firms, and journalists are the most prone to mercenary attacks, Apple says.

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Those who have received the latest threat notification from Apple are advised to initiate the Lockdown Mode on their iPhones. This feature aims to protect iPhone users from state-sponsored spyware. 

How does it help?

With the activation of Lockdown Mode, most message attachments except the images will be blocked and link previews will be disabled. It will act as a shield to the iPhone and other associated services against intrusions from state-backed hackers and commercial spyware. Basically, it is meant to serve as an emergency button that will be needed by a small number of its users only.

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