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  • Apple has announced a sensitive content warning feature for iOS 17.
  • This blurs media deemed ‘sensitive’ before you decide to see them.
  • The feature would allow users to avoid seeing unwanted nudes.

Apple recently revealed its Communication Safety feature for iPhones, protecting children from seeing nude images and offering child safety resources. Now, the company is helping adults to avoid seeing unwanted nudes.

Apple announced the sensitive content warning feature for iOS 17 yesterday (June 5), giving you the option of blurring photos and videos deemed “sensitive” before you see them. This allows you to make the decision to see the offending media rather than having it sprung on you all willy-nilly (lol). Check out a screenshot of the feature below.

iOS 17 sensitive content warning blur

The iPhone maker says sensitive content warning functionality will be available in the Messages app, Facetime messages, AirDrop, contact posters in the phone app, and in third-party apps.

We’re particularly glad to see third-party app support here, hopefully allowing you to blur unwanted nudes sent via the likes of WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

The company also notes that all image and video processing for this feature takes place on-device, so Apple or a third party can’t gain access to this content. Either way, we hope Google grabs this feature for Android 15 as it seems pretty handy.


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