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A hacking group with alleged ties to Israel has claimed responsibility for a series of cyberattacks that disrupted services at petrol stations across Iran. Iranian state TV and Israeli local media both reported on the situation.

Iran’s oil minister, Javad Owji, mentioned that approximately 70% of the country’s petrol stations experienced disruptions, and he suggested that external interference might be the cause. The group, known as “Predatory Sparrow,” claimed responsibility for the cyberattack, stating that it was carried out in a controlled manner to prevent damage to emergency services.

Iran’s civil defense agency, responsible for cybersecurity, is investigating the incident and exploring various possible causes.

This disruption marks the first incident of its kind since 2021 when a significant cyberattack disrupted fuel sales in Iran, resulting in long queues at petrol stations. Petrol prices in Iran are heavily subsidized, and in the past, Iran has accused Israel and the United States of involvement in such attacks.

The disruption began in Tehran, forcing many petrol stations to operate manually. While some stations have resumed operations, it is expected to take several hours to fully resolve the issues.

Despite the disruption, the Iranian oil ministry clarified that it was unrelated to any plans to increase fuel prices, which had led to protests and violence in 2019.

Israel has not yet commented on its alleged involvement in the cyberattack. Israel’s Cyber Unit revealed that Iran and Hizbullah attempted to launch a cyberattack on a hospital in northern Israel a few weeks ago. Although the attack was thwarted, some sensitive information was accessed by the hackers.


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