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A mum and paramedic has taken to social media to warn about the potential danger of letting a child wear a big jacket in a car seat.

There seem to be endless amounts of ways your child can end up getting hurt when they’re small, fragile and brains not fully developed – it can be hard to keep up.

Thankfully, Instagram page ‘Tiny Hearts Education’ – run by sisters Nikki and Rach – has done all the work for you, including explaining why it’s bad to put your kid in their car seat if they’re still wearing a big jacket.

You may be heading into summer so dismiss the advice now, but it’s an important tip to learn, so take a look for yourself:

The mum warns against letting your child wear a large jacket when strapped into a car seat. Credit: Instagram/ @tinyheartseducation

Former paramedic Nikki warns parents: “No bulky jackets in the car.”

She explains: “As you can see here, this jacket compresses and the child comes flying out.

“I did a demonstration here of putting Wolfie in his, doing up the straps for you, making sure that i checked and tightened him like I normally would.”

And wait until you see what happens when Nikki removes the jacket and sees ‘what space is left’.

Nikki then removes the jacket from her son – not touching the straps or readjusting them.

Children can end up flying out of the car seat if wearing a 'bulky jacket'. Credit: Instagram/ @tinyheartseducation
Children can end up flying out of the car seat if wearing a ‘bulky jacket’. Credit: Instagram/ @tinyheartseducation

“[It] shows you just how much space that jacket was actually taking up,” she explains.

The space results in the seatbelt no longer passing the pinch test.

Nikki reminds: “Remember any bulky jackets will compress and your child would not be safe.”

'Bulky jackets will compress' meaning your child won't be safe. Credit: Pexels/ Yan Krukau
‘Bulky jackets will compress’ meaning your child won’t be safe. Credit: Pexels/ Yan Krukau

Parents have flocked to the post to share their appreciation for the health and safety information.

One Instagram user wrote: “Thank you for sharing this. I wasn’t aware.”

“Who would have thought? Great to know!!” Another added, while a third commented: “Ohh what a great post, wouldn’t have thought of this!”

And a final resolved: “Oh wow did not think of that. I always removed bulky due to potential over heating in the seat as we have car heater on. This is an eye opener thank you.”

Followers flooded to the post in appreciation of the advice. Credit: Instagram/ @tinyheartseducation
Followers flooded to the post in appreciation of the advice. Credit: Instagram/ @tinyheartseducation

Some users took to the comments to ask further questions about kids’ car safety.

A user questioned: “quick questions, are jumpers considered okay or no? I’ve never been sure so I wait until we arrive to where we are going before putting a jumper on.”

“If they’re thin they’re fine but not if thick like a woolen one,” another replied.


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