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Is Tracking Your Child with Technology a Good Idea? | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Using technology to track your child’s whereabouts as they head back to school is a topic of debate among parents. It raises ethical and philosophical questions, according to cybersecurity expert Alan Crowetz. Tracking devices provide parents with more information, which can be useful in a world where there are concerns about abductions and safety. However, the ethical question of trust and the appropriate age for tracking are important considerations.

When it comes to tracking your kids via technology, there are pros and cons. Some parents believe that using tracking devices for children who drive or walk to school may be a good option. However, for young kids, it may be seen as excessive. Parents have concerns about privacy and the possibility of others being able to find out where their child is located. The world is changing and parents are grappling with the need to ensure their child’s safety while also respecting their privacy.

Security concerns are also a possibility. Crowetz mentioned cases of stalking where individuals were unknowingly being tracked using Apple AirTags. These devices use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with other Apple devices, transmitting their location data. Crowetz advises caution when considering third-party tracking devices, as their reliability and security may not be guaranteed.

In conclusion, using tracking technology to monitor your child’s whereabouts has its advantages and disadvantages. While it can provide peace of mind for parents, it also raises concerns about privacy and potential security risks. Finding a balance between ensuring safety and respecting privacy is crucial when making decisions about tracking devices for children.


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