ISIS to unleash TENS OF MILLIONS of jihadi hackers on West in blitz worse than NUCLEAR WAR

The computer security expert, who invented the McAfee anti-virus software, claimed “fifteen to 25 percent” of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are extremists, meaning ISIS could have an army of 400 million fanatical followers ready to strike at any minute. 

Computer boffins at the terrorists’ headquarters in Raqqa have developed a secret smartphone application designed to spread Islamist propaganda and help followers carry out terrorist attacks from the comfort of their own homes.

A team which may have included British hacker Junaid Hussain invented a feature which allows even the most computer illiterate of jihadis to launch sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against websites.

DDoS attacks work by flooding a site with fake traffic, causing it to grind to a halt, and have been successfully used against some of the world’s biggest companies and government departments.

Experts now believe that ISIS hackers carried out a major test of the app’s capabilities last week by launching an audacious attempt to bring down the 13 root servers which keep the Internet running worldwide.

Whilst the attack ultimately failed, it did temporarily slow down services across the globe and has been described as an unprecedented attempt to strike at the heart of modern Western society.

ISIS is now emailing the application out to its followers worldwide and is encouraging them to use it to unleash technological carnage on the West.

Mr McAfee, who has set up his own party to run for US President, said that the jihadis are “far more clever” than most people realise and warned that the West and warned that they are planning to unleash “a cyber war far more devastating than any nuclear war”.


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