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ISMG Editors: Critical Linux Utility Breach | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

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Operational Technology (OT)

Also: Implications of a Critical Linux Utility Backdoor; Focus on Cloud Security

Clockwise, from top left: Anna Delaney, Mathew Schwartz, Tom Field and Suparna Goswami

In the latest weekly update, Information Security Media Group editors discussed key insights on OT security from the Cyber Security for Critical Assets Summit in Houston, the implications of a critical Linux utility found to have a backdoor, and a CISO’s perspective on comprehensive cloud security strategy.

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The panelists – Anna Delaney, director of productions; Mathew Schwartz, executive editor of DataBreachToday and Europe; Tom Field, senior vice president of editorial; and Suparna Goswami, associate editor, ISMG Asia – discussed:

  • The complex backdoor within XZ Utils, its potential for undetected exploitation, and the challenges in securing open-source components against sophisticated cyberthreats;
  • Highlights from an interview with CISO Samrat Bhatt of MatchMove on his comprehensive approach to enhancing cloud security;
  • The launch of ISMG’s new website on operational technology, OT.today, and major OT security issues such as legacy system life cycle management, cybersecurity program development and workforce challenges discussed by speakers and attendees at the Cyber Security for Critical Assets Summit in Houston.

The ISMG Editors’ Panel runs weekly. Don’t miss our previous installments, including the March 22 edition on how the quantum era will reshape cybersecurity and the March 29 edition on Apple’s antitrust showdown with the federal government.


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