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A hacking group, earlier linked to Israel, claimed to have paralysed most of the gas stations in Iran in a cyberattack, The Times of Israel reported on Monday. The report said a “software problem” caused the irregularity in the gas stations, and urged people not to rush to the fuel pumps that were still operational, the Associated Press reported.

Known as the ‘Gonjeshke Darande’ or ‘predatory sparrow’, the hacking group said it has disabled “a majority of the gas pumps throughout Iran”. Iranian state TV said that 70 per cent of the gas stations went out of service.

“This cyberattack comes in response to the aggression of the Islamic Republic and its proxies in the region,” the hacking group said in statements in Persian and English. “Khamenei, playing with fire has a price,” The Times of Israel reported.

News agency Reuters, quoting Iranian state media, reported that a number of gas stations in Iran’s capital Tehran had stopped operating, but the cause was unclear.

This development came as Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen have stepped up attacks against Israel in the wake of the war with Israel-Hamas war.

Israel, meanwhile, continued with their ground operation in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, with its forces uncovering the biggest Hamas tunnel – more than 4 kms – that was being used to carry carloads of militant fighters from the besieged enclave to the border. In a statement on X, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) shared a video of the tunnel and said that the building of the passage was led by the brother of a Hamas leader and the commander of the group’s Khan Yunis Battalion.

The discovery of the tunnel came as pressure on Israel for a ceasefire in Gaza mounts, with the country’s closest allies also calling for the same. The demands have increased, following the mistaken killing of three Israeli hostages by Israel’s military forces.

Furthermore, Israel – for the first time since the start of the war with Hamas – on Sunday, opened a direct crossing for the passage of humanitarian aid into Gaza. Even so, Israeli troops stepped up attacks on the Palestinian enclave, asserting it was the only way to rescue hostages still being held in Gaza by Hamas.

Here are the latest developments in the Israel-Hamas war:

  • For the first time since the start of the war, Israel on Sunday opened the Kerem Shalom crossing that falls on the triple border of Israel-Gaza-Egypt to double the amount of food, medicine and other essential items reaching Gaza residents.

    However, Israeli authories said they were determined to continue their fight against Hamas with the aim to eliminate the terror group, which has been in power in Gaza since 2006. “It is important for me to make clear, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is determined to complete the task of dismantling Hamas,” Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told reporters in Tel Aviv.

  • Egyptian security sources told news agency Reuters that both Israel and Hamas are open to a new truce deal that would include the release of more hostages held in Gaza by the terror group. The sources further said that Hamas is insisting on unilaterally choosing the next hostages to be freed and wants Israeli forces to withdraw to pre-set lines. However, Israel reportedly rejected the latter term, and demanded to see the hostages’ list prior to the time and duration of the ceasefire being settled.

    “We are open to any efforts aimed at ending the Israeli aggression. This is the ground for any discussion,” Reuters reported, quoting Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri when asked for comment on the Egyptian statement.

  • Israeli strikes on Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp in northern part of the region – the biggest there – killed as many as 90 Palestinians on Sunday, the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza told news agency Reuters. Furthermore, another Israeli missile attack crashed into a house belonging to Hamas-ally Islamic Jihad’s spokesman, Dawoud Shehab’s house – killing 24 people.

    Shehab’s son was among the dead, Reuters reported, citing an official from the Islamic Jihad group.

    A medic, meanwhile, said dozens of people were killed in the attack on the house. “We believe the number of dead people under the rubble is huge, but there is no way to remove the rubble and recover them because of the intensity of Israeli fire,” he told Reuters over the phone.

  • A hostage namely Inbar Haiman, 27, who was kidnapped from Supernova music festival in Israel during Hamas’s October 7 attack, had reportedly been murdered in captivity, the Times of Israel reported, citing the Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum. A student from Haifa, she is survived by her parents and a brother. Her family was notified of her death by authorities, the report added, citing the Forum.

    The Forum, however, did not say how or when Haiman was killed. Her body was believed to be held by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

    At least 360 people were killed at the music festival on October 7, while dozens were kidnapped by Hamas. According to Haiman’s boyfriend, Noam Alom, she was volunteering at the festival.

  • Following the accidental killing of three Israeli hostages in Gaza, a video shared by IDF showed its Chief of the General Staff LTG Herzi Halevi briefing Israeli troops on rules of engagement. It was a situational assessment with the commanders and soldiers of the 99th Division in Gaza.

    Halevi asked its troops to refrain from shooting at “Gazans with a white flag coming out to surrender”.

    “You see two people, they are with hands up and without shirts, take two seconds, and I want to tell you something just as important, and if it’s two Gazans with a white flag coming out to surrender why would we shoot at them? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. That’s not the IDF,” he added.

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Dec 18, 2023


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