Israel to #Merge Two #National #Cybersecurity #Entities

On Sunday, the Israeli government approved a decision brought forth by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to merge the Israeli National Cyber Bureau with the National Cyber Security Authority into one cyber security entity.

Mr. Netanyahu said that he will recommend a candidate to head the newly formed body soon.

Last week, a Prime Minister spokesman announced the head of Israel’s National Cyber Bureau, Eviatar Matania, will leave his position by the end of the year. Mr. Matania was appointed by Mr. Netanyahu in 2011, when the Bureau was established.
At the time, the spokesman said that the Prime Minister’s office is considering the merger. Both bodies are under the aegis of the office, with the Bureau being in charge of cyber security strategy and the Authority, operational since 2016, being in charge of cyber security operations. 

Israel’s military, police and internal security agency all have cybersecurity departments as well. National bodies such as the Bank of Israel, the Israel Securities Authority and some of the ministries also have cybersecurity departments.

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