Israeli Spies Hacked ISIS Computer Networks, Exposed Their “Laptop Bomb” Plans

Israeli cyber researchers recently decoded ISIS’s attack plan. The terror group had built a laptop computer bomb that could have exploded the commercial aircraft to the US. But Israeli government cyber security broke into ISIS’s computer networks months ago and revealed the terror group’s plan.

According to The New York Times‘s report, the laptop bomb was designed such that it could get through airport X-ray machines.

Experts David Sanger and Eric Schmitt and two of the American officials reported to The Times that bomb encryption and protection helped them in analyzing how such bombs are exploded. Also, a ban was implemented by The Department of Homeland Security on permitting electronic devices onto aircraft bigger than the cellphones.

The ban was only pressed upon ten countries in Africa and the Middle East, purposely on all direct U.S. flights. With this, Britain too implemented a similar ban on six countries.
A few years back, U.S government imposed a ban on carrying Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. For that period carrying Note 7 was a criminal offense and illegal.

The bomb was smartly placed in place of laptop battery that could have tricked even X- ray detectors. Reports said that Israel had shared this information with U.S. In the past two years or so, Israel and U.S have worked significantly together against cyber terrorism. Most of their cooperation has been against Iran.

President Donald Trump made Israel’s information and intelligence on this bomb attack plan public, revealing it to Russia. This incident has been the source of frustration for Israeli officials. However, what information Trump has passed to the Russian officials is unclear.

Trump later tweeted that he did share the information with Russia and that he has full right to do so.


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