IT Manager

Job Summary

Under administrative direction, is responsible for coordinating systems analysis, maintenance and development activities through direct and indirect staff. Lead teams in the areas of scheduling, technical direction, future planning and standard practices. Participate in budgeting and capital equipment processes and quality improvement activities for the organization. Exercises direct supervision over assigned staff.

This position is an “unclassified” position and has no disciplinary appeal rights to the Municipal Civil Service Commission.  This position is likewise subject to at-will employment status and can be terminated at any time for any reason.

Essential Job Functions

  • IT Business Management: Manages staff within assigned area, conducting hiring, training and performance review activities as required. Supports budget processes and conducts fiduciary activities as appropriate to ensure appropriate allocation of funds. Supports procurement processes related to services and/or products necessary for the organization. Supports department-wide IT strategic and operational planning activities.
  • Customer Business Requirements: Works with business partners to understand business needs.
  • Customer Technology Planning: Provides input to business technology planning within their functional area. Identifies and researches alternative technologies, evaluates current staff and technical resources, and identifies alternatives for addressing business objectives.
  • IT Initiatives: Manages the implementation of IT initiatives to support business strategy.
  • Technical Solution Identification and Procurement: Participates with end users and management in the identification and evaluation of information systems requirements, and develops plans to insure the completion of these activities. Develops plans for the completion of major applications. Coordinates the acquisition of approved hardware and software including the planning for migration, installation, and training.
  • Service Quality: Provides high-quality services at optimal cost to customers.
  • Business Process Improvement: Develops and implements technologies to improve the performance of a business process and increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Vendor Management: Manages vendor relationships to maximize value to the business.
  • Technical Standards: Contributes to the development of standards and recommends changes to systems/applications. Provides technical and business expertise.
  • Staff Resource Optimization: Identifies the roles, skills and knowledge required. Ensures staff has the resources and skills needed to support all work initiatives. Participates in IT workforce deployment activities.
  • End User Training: Manages the development and delivery of training for internal IT users to ensure productive use of existing and new systems.
  • Performs related duties and fulfills responsibilities as required.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Three (3) years of relevant technical and business experience, to include one or more business and technical processes.
  • Applicants for this position must pass a Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) fingerprint-based background check and maintain CJIS eligibility. Due to CJIS requirements related to system access, the following will result in being disqualified for this position: Felony Convictions, Felony Deferred Adjudication, Class A & B Misdemeanor Deferred Adjudication, Class B Misdemeanor Convictions, an Open Arrest for Any Criminal Offense (Felony or Misdemeanor), and Family Violence Convictions.


  • Ten (10) years of experience with infrastructure engineering in large, complex, organizations with strong knowledge in MPLS, TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, DHCP, Active Directory, Load balancing, Cisco wireless infrastructure, Cisco networking and VPN.
  • Five (5) years of experience in principles, practice, terminology and trends in managing full scope of network system operations, installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Five (5) years of experience in supervising employees.
  • Proficiency in current enterprise network hardware, development tools, security systems, data center and distributed operations.
  • Ability to manage a multi-million dollar budget and large project implementations.


  • Valid Driver’s License.


  • If selected for this position, official transcripts, diplomas, certifications and licenses must be submitted at the time of processing.  Unofficial transcripts and copies of other relevant documents may be attached to the application for consideration in advance.
  • Please be advised that if selected for this position, information regarding employment history as it relates to the qualifications of the position will be needed for employment verification. Applicants claiming military service to meet the experience requirement for this position may attach a DD214 to the application.
  • Full-time City of San Antonio employees are allowed to substitute two years of related experience for one year of higher education or one year of related higher education for two years of experience. Effective July 9, 2010, external applicants must meet the minimum requirements of the job without substitution.
  • Applicants selected for employment with the City of San Antonio in this position must receive satisfactory results from pre-employment drug testing and background checks.  If required for the position, a physical, motor vehicle record evaluation, and additional background checks may be conducted.


  • Physical requirements include occasional lifting/carrying of 5 pounds; visual acuity, speech and hearing; hand and eye coordination and manual dexterity necessary to operate a computer keyboard and basic office equipment. Subject to sitting, standing, reaching, walking, twisting, and kneeling to perform the essential functions. Working conditions are primarily inside an office environment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of system environments.
  • Knowledge of core managerial functions such as budgeting, procurement, personnel management, and finance.
  • Knowledge of current information technology management theories and practices.
  • Knowledge of management and supervisory principles and techniques.
  • Knowledge of current organizational hardware and software capabilities.
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques involved in the completion of information system planning including security administration, operational capacity planning, and cost benefit analysis of alternative technologies involved in the completion of information system planning, and cost benefit analysis of alternative technologies.
  • Knowledge of quality principles and tools, especially root cause analysis and problem solving.
  • Skill in effectively planning, organizing, controlling and supervising the work of subordinates.
  • Skill in establishing and communicating clear expectations regarding work performance for both the individual and/or team.
  • Skill in a variety of communication methods to present complex issues to diverse audiences.
  • Skill in creating an environment for improving customer satisfaction and promotes an atmosphere that establishes customer satisfaction as a key value in the organization.
  • Skill in utilizing a personal computer and utilizing associated software programs.
  • Ability to learn and adapt to the ongoing changes of the City culture.
  • Ability to clearly communicate goals and priorities of the organization as they relates to technical issues.
  • Ability to demonstrate a solid understanding of the current knowledge exchange and technology interface issues (including e-business aspects) between own and closely related units of the organization.
  • Ability to demonstrate a solid understanding of project management tools; plan development, metrics, cost and effort estimation, schedule development, risk analysis, monitoring of production, and compliance, project progress tracking.
  • Ability to demonstrate a solid understanding of business and technical problem solving skills.
  • Ability to influence other employees to work together to support the mission and goals of the City of San Antonio.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City staff and the general public.
  • Ability to successfully launch and deliver a single IT project.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.



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