IT Security Specialist Contract

Job Category: Linux Administrator
Position Title: IT Security Specialist Contract
Salary Range: $60 to $70 Hr
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Desired Skills:

IT Security Specialist Contract Opportunity

The IT Security Specialist is an important member of the Cloud and Infrastructure Operations team. This position will also work as a Systems Administrator in the Operations Control Center (OCC). Developing and implementing security processes, procedures, and guidelines for multiple platforms and diverse systems environments. The SA position administers and maintains on/off premise services critical to the business. The role will also interface with offshore resources and 3rd party support.

IT Security Specialist Role and Responsibilities:
• Reviews the performance, availability, and capacity of internally and externally hosted services and service components against service SLAs and OLAs.
• Supports internal and public facing applications and services.
• Works with technology teams to ensure that systems and services are configured for monitoring, alerting and reporting appropriately.
• Triages incidents and escalates quickly to the correct group.
• Documents standard practices and step-by-step procedures.
• Interfaces professionally and accurately with stakeholders when incidents occur.
• Facilitates communications across technical, stakeholder and management groups during incidents.
• Notifies IT operations groups of vulnerabilities within their systems and raises awareness of security alerts that could affect systems they manage and provides recommendations on mitigating/removing them.
• Identifies regulatory changes that will affect current security administration processes and information security policies, standards, and procedures. Recommends appropriate changes.
• Monitors security logs for violations and unusual events. Monitors threats to the security of the organization’s network, systems, or information. Analyzes and monitors security alerts and notifies other staff of issues or potential areas of concern.
• Provides support on network security issues and responds in accordance with the Security Incident Management Plan. Receives guidance from senior staff.
• Reports, investigates as appropriate, and recommends corrective actions for data security incidents.

IT Security Specialist Requirements:
1. Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Systems is desired.
• Experience: At least 2 years of experience with processes, tools, techniques and practices for assuring adherence to standards associated with accessing, altering and protecting organizational data.
Skills and Abilities: A candidate must be an effective communicator. A candidates must have:
a. Extensive Systems Engineering / Administration
b. Linux and MS Windows support experience
c. Considerable scripting and/or programming experience
d. Network Experience – certification preferred
e. Skilled in Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

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