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The frequency and scope of cyberattacks have never been worse than they are today.

In 2022, malicious API traffic surged by 117% percent, following a 348% spike in API-related attacks in just the first half of 2021. Additionally, various security incidents like phishing attacks and ransomware attacks are on the rise.

The question facing IT leaders and practitioners is how best to respond to these pervasive cybersecurity risks. They must determine the most effective tools and practices for detecting and mitigating threats. They must also find ways to optimize cybersecurity budgets and manage overstretched staff to reduce the chances of major breaches.

To gain insight into these challenges, ITPro Today surveyed IT professionals about their organizations’ cybersecurity strategies and investments. The results, based on the input of nearly 150 executives and practitioners from various industries, shed light on what’s working, what’s not, and where the greatest concerns and investment priorities lie in the realm of cybersecurity.

The survey yielded several key findings:

  • Cloud Security Challenges: Businesses are still struggling to contain cloud security threats, despite the availability of specialized cloud security tools.
  • Budget and Staffing Constants: Limited budgets, combined with hiring and retention challenges, complicate organizations’ efforts to improve their cybersecurity strategies.
  • Incomplete Implementation of Best Practices: Key security best practices like least privilege and zero trust are not implemented in a significant percentage of businesses.
  • Lower Rate and Cost of Breaches: The rate and cost of cybersecurity breaches appear lower than in previous years, which is a positive trend.
  • Persistent Phishing Threats: Phishing remains the leading cause of breaches. This may be due to novel and more sophisticated phishing techniques, like those that use generative AI.

Our 2023 Cybersecurity Survey Report details these findings and offers practical guidance to IT leaders and practitioners on how to navigate the challenges they face and improve overall security outcomes. Download the free report below!


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