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‘It’s bringing awareness:’ Child predators email lawmakers of their crimes in new campaign

Child Rescue Coalition to launch a new forensic tool called Neula to help officers arrest child predators. (WPEC)

Online predators are everywhere and they’re seeking out the most vulnerable.

According to the FBI, as many as half a million predators are on the internet any given day, and one local non-profit is working to fight the issue in a new campaign.


Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), based in Boca Raton, teaches its cutting-edge technology to local law enforcement for free, which identifies a criminal’s I.P. address to eventually find and arrest them, and ultimately rescue children.

CEO Carly Yoost says now they want local politicians to know the severity of the problem in a new campaign.

“It’s a horrific problem that we see on a daily basis,” said Carly Yoost.


The moment a predator shares or downloads disturbing images of children, lawmakers in Florida will get an email.

It appears it’s coming straight from the criminal, listing their actual crimes and file names they’re sharing at that moment.

It’s a powerful new idea, and these unknowing criminals have no clue they are blowing the whistle on themselves.

“We’re taking our data and every time a child predator goes online. It triggers an email to be sent, almost their confession, to their local representatives, alerting them that a child predator is online, right at this moment,” said Yoost.

By sending it to lawmakers, they hope it will spark action. The same message also goes to law enforcement who can choose to act on these leads.

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Yoost added, “Unfortunately, the law enforcement that’s dedicated to this crime type is completely overwhelmed and under resource. We hope that politicians will realize that more funds need to be dedicated to these officers.”

The campaign targets lawmakers in ten states that see the highest volume of this crime, including Florida, California, New York and Texas.

“It’s bringing awareness and the power of our tool to be able to identify child predators around the globe,” she said.

CRC says it helped to catch and arrest almost 15,000 predators across the globe and rescued more than 3,000 children.

You can join in their fight by clicking here.

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