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It’s National School Bus Safety Week, state patrol reminds drivers | #schoolsaftey

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY – For Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper Alex Carroll, the task of school bus safety zone enforcement is personal, and a bit different from his former familiar overnight 12-hour shifts.

Law enforcement is something he always wanted to do as a kid. Reminiscing about growing up on the south side of New Philadelphia he said, “As a kid we’d get on U.S. 250 heading up to Canton — or whatever we were going to do — and I always saw a trooper in the crossover in a white Crown Victoria (patrol car), and it was inspiring. I always looked up to them.”

After graduating from New Philadelphia High School, class of 2012, he went on to study law enforcement for a couple years at Stark State, eventually enrolling and graduating from the OHP academy. From there, he spent his first year working at the Lisbon post in Columbiana County and then transferred to New Philadelphia. At that time, he was living in Dover, and would commute an hour and 10 minutes to Lisbon. “My idea of a dream job was to be working for the Highway Patrol at the New Philly post — to come back home and work this area,” he said. 

He recently switched to working days due to a new approach to scheduling. Following school buses and posting near schools has become a component of his job that takes up about one-quarter of his daily shift.

Trooper Alex Carroll of the Ohio Highway Patrol looks over vehicle information on his in-car computer while conducting school bus safety zone patrol at Sandy Valley Local Schools on Wednesday.

Working in a school zone, Carroll sits in his cruiser and checks cars for potential speed violations. “You have better results sitting stationary,” he noted. All the while, he’s keeping an eye on pedestrians, and anything else that pops up.

Enforcement in the safety zone hits close to home for Carroll.

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