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‘It’s really frustrating’ Red Bluff parents plead for teacher’s resignation upon learning her past | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

During a district board meeting on Tuesday evening, parents in the Red Bluff Elementary School District are planning to protest the employment of a first-year, 1st-grade teacher at Bidwell Elementary School.

As we reported in 2021, Miss L. (as her students call her) previously taught at Columbia Elementary in Redding for three years before it was discovered she had secretly allowed her boyfriend, Sean Green, to volunteer on campus for over a year. Green is a registered sex offender, which Miss L. was aware of, according to court documents. The outrage from parents at that time eventually led to Miss L. leaving Columbia.

Fast forward, and parents in Red Bluff are now experiencing that same outrage after learning of Miss L’s past in recent weeks. While Miss L. was never charged with a crime, parents tell KRCR they are nonetheless concerned about her presence around their children.

We would like her prohibited from teaching in the district at all,” said Cherokee Calhoun, a mom with three grade-school kids in the district. “We just feel like she’s a safety risk to not only the students in her class, but to all of the students at that school and in the district as well.”

“It’s my understanding that he (Green) was attending like, back-to-school nights and other school functions (this year),” Calhoun explained over the phone. “I’m sure she’s a nice person; the school even said she’s a great teacher, she’s a nice person. But, being a great teacher and a nice person isn’t going to protect your kids when you’re allowing a sexual predator around them.”

Calhoun says she cares for Miss L’s well-being and that their efforts are not a “witch-hunt” of the young teacher. To that point, Red Bluff police reportedly conducted an on-site, school wellness check of Miss L. last week.

According to Calhoun, the district never informed parents of Miss L’s prior actions before hiring her this school year.

“They haven’t taken it seriously up until this point,” Calhoun said of the school district. “It’s really frustrating and really disappointing because we thought they were one of the best schools in Red Bluff, but I guess not.”

In response to this discovery, Calhoun says her children have been pulled out of Bidwell. A petition has also been started by Calhoun, demanding Miss L’s immediate resignation. The petition has nearly 300 signatures.

Through our research, it appears that Miss L. lives with Green, whose current address is– of course– public knowledge.

KRCR’s Sam Chimenti went to Red Bluff Elementary’s district office on Tuesday but was unable to speak with Superintendent Cliff Curry ahead of the meeting. Tuesday’s board meeting will be held at Metteer Elementary School on Kimball Road in Red Bluff, inside the school’s library, starting at 5:30 pm.

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