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AN experienced mechanic has revealed how to fix your car for free using its battery instead of spending money at a repair shop.

The seasoned technician, Scotty Kilmer, unveiled his trick in a TikTok broadcast to his account’s massive following of over 757,000.

Scotty clarified that car computers glitch just like a laptop or desktopCredit: TikTok/scottykilmerofficial

Scotty (@scottykilmerofficial) begins his TikTok video clip by explaining how all modern cars run using computers like the engine control unit he’s holding on camera.

He added that car computers can suffer glitches just like desktops, laptops, and phones.

By way of introducing his advice, Scotty asked: “What’s the first thing you do with your computer at home when it goes bad?”

The technician of 55 years paused for dramatic effect before saying: “You turn it off and then turn it back on again!”


Scotty told drivers to start fixing car computer glitches that may display a warning light by opening their vehicle’s hood.

Next, the experienced mechanic said to loosen the bolt on your car battery’s negative terminal before pulling the component off using a rag and switching on your headlights.

He added: “Of course, the headlights won’t come on, but that will drain any electricity in the computer circuits.”

Lastly, Scotty told drivers to wrench their battery’s negative terminal bolt back on.

He noted that doing all of these steps will reset your car to its factory settings — an action that can make a pesky dashboard light disappear.

Loosening a car battery terminal bolt may require you to try a few different socket wrench sizes to find your vehicle’s ideal fit, JD Power reports.

The bolts are twisted off counterclockwise and back on clockwise.

Scotty says you can reset your car to its factory settings by removing your battery’s negative terminal bolt and switching on your headlights before reinstalling the battery’s boltCredit: TikTok/scottykilmerofficial


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