January 30th, 2015-What we can learn from the Darknet and Cyber Analytics, Kill or Cure

The 2nd NED Forum event comes to London on Friday 30th January 2015, the day of the White Hat Ball. The event will focus on the Darknet and where it provides a rich source of learning that can be applied to threat intelligence, attack detection and commercial opportunities.

From ARPAnet to Darknet the Internet has evolved from a research project to the wild wild west of hacking and electronic robbery. Darknet presents a threat to all companies, law enforcers, individuals and even society. However, clearly some companies see it as an opportunity with ground breaking Facebook recently opening a Darknet site, facebookcorewwwi.onion.

So, should companies embrace Darknet as an opportunity? What can we learn from attacks happening within the Darknet and how we do extrapolate threat intelligence for cyber risk mitigation and indentifying attacks? Should businesses treat the Darknet like the Cloud and what are the commercial opportunities?

Speakers will cover:

  • What’s happening in the Dark Networks and Dark Markets.

  • A look at the commercial and legal implication of Darknet sites.

  • What we can learn from attack patterns entering and leaving Darknets.

  • Deriving cyber threat intelligence from the Darknet.

  • Deploying basic Cyber Defence controls, such as DNS analysis.

  • Forming the right cyber risk mitigation strategy for your organisation.