Japan banks got hit by the cyber attacks

The illegal transactions in the year 2014 have been increased as compare to the last year’s estimation. Within just the period of January to May, the loss is almost 1.417 billion, which was 1.406 billion yen last year, National Police Agency stated.

This Quarter 1 loss is three times greater than the overall loss of 2013. The Japan has now come onto the second place after United States amongst those nations, who are distressed by the cyber attacks. The loss of Q1 is 1.417, which is 14 cases only in total.

VAQTRAK is another malware, which started giving fake emails and stole the client’s information. Now it has started stealing the bank user’s credentials too, which caused double trouble to them.

Here, it can be said that may be many of the websites in the Japan are under threat and have been hacked. The ways of entering into the system were through email or ads.

The VAWTRAK works as same as the FAREIT virus. These viruses are usually multiplied by the infected messages.  The banking virus is as same as the virus ZBOT.

When VAWTRAK breaks into the system, it actually makes the system vulnerable a lot. Japan banks got hit by the cyber attacks

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