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  • Jared Fogle, former Subway spokesperson, was revealed to be a child predator engaged in child pornography and child sex tourism.
  • Rochelle Herman, a radio host, became an integral part of exposing Fogle’s pedophilic nature and recorded their conversations.
  • Despite the evidence, it took years for Fogle to be arrested, but he was ultimately sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Content Warning: The article contains references to sex crimes pertaining to minors and children

When the Discovery+ series Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster was first released, many were both shocked and horrified by all the revelations and facts about Jared Fogle that were presented throughout the documentary. Fogle first gained recognition when he revealed that he lost around 245lbs thanks to a rigorous diet plan in which he exclusively ate turkey and veggie subs at Subway every single day between 1998 and 1999. Fogle’s fame eventually convinced Subway to hire him as a spokesperson, and so between 2000 and 2015, he appeared in over 300 commercials.

However, Fogle was later revealed to be a child predator since in 2015 he was arrested by police and the FBI for both possessing child pornography and engaging in child sex tourism. The investigation into Fogle’s arrest serves as the main focus of Discovery+’s Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster. The documentary provides a deep dive into not only how the authorities eventually caught and arrested Fogle, but also the kind of person Fogle secretly was when he wasn’t out in public or shooting one of his commercials. Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster is packed with shocking, disturbing reveals.

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Rochelle Herman Initially Found Jared Fogle Charming

Rochelle Herman, a Florida radio host who became an integral person in exposing Fogle’s pedophilic nature, first met the disgraced Subway spokesperson in 2006 when the American Heart Association set up an interview between him and Herman. Fogle was half an hour late, but Herman found the man so charming and approachable that she enjoyed his company in spite of his tardiness.

Fogle Admitted to Herman That He Was A Pedophile

Herman from Jared doc

Quickly though, Herman’s admiration and respect for the Subway spokesperson immediately evaporated in a follow-up meeting after their American Heart Association interview. The two met at a middle school auditorium in Sarasota, Florida, and the meeting appeared to be just as cordial as their first interview. But seemingly out of nowhere, Fogle quietly admitted to Herman that he found middle school girls attractive.

Herman Began Recording Fogle Because She Could Not Find Any Evidence of His Pedophilia

Herman out in the beach

Herman was so shocked to discover that Fogle was a pedophile that she immediately wanted to take action against him. As she had no concrete evidence that proved Fogle’s criminal behavior nor could she find any past arrest records or statements, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She set up another meeting with Fogle so that she could secretly record their conversation.

Fogle Wanted Herman To Be Involved In One Of His Fantasies

Herman from documentary

Herman got another opportunity to speak with Fogle six months after their last interview at the middle school, this time in a hotel room. During this meeting, Herman states in Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster that Fogle became much more aggressive and explicit with his attraction to minors. In fact, in the documentary, Herman explains that at some point during the meeting, Fogle told Herman “…how hot it would be if I put my hair in pigtails and would I do that for him.” (via E News). Herman immediately left the room when Fogle quickly went to the bathroom.

The Audio For Fogle and Herman’s First Recording Was In Poor Quality

Jared with pants

Despite how uncomfortable and terrifying the encounter was, Herman was willing to go through all of it because she wanted to record their conversation and then give the audio footage to the proper authorities. Unfortunately, when Herman listened to the audio from her recording device, it was of very poor quality. This meant that she had to meet with Fogle and record their conversation again, this time with the goal of getting better audio quality.

Herman Continued Playing Along With Fogle’s Fantasies

Jared at a subway

To get concrete evidence of Fogle’s pedophilic nature, Herman was forced to play along with a number of his fantasies. In the documentary series, Herman explains that during one of her conversations with Fogle, she asked him to describe in detail his wildest fantasy. Fogle replied that not only did he want to do “everything“, but he specifically wanted to do it with someone between the ages of 9 and 10, stating “Yeah, that’d be hot, that’d be really hot.”

Herman Became An FBI Informant

Herman in the documentary

Once Herman recorded enough audio footage, she quickly sent it to the FBI, who were completely shocked by what they were hearing. When the FBI decided to launch an investigation against Fogle, they quickly made Herman an FBI informant because it was illegal to record someone without their consent in Florida. By making Heman an informant, she could not only continue what she had been doing and help build the case against Fogle but also not get arrested for recording her conversations with the Subway spokesperson.

The FBI Could Not Arrest Fogle Right Away

Jared giving a sandwich

Despite all the audio recordings that contained details explicitly revealing Fogle’s pedophilia, the FBI had no actual proof that Fogle did any of the things he claimed he committed. For example, despite Fogle admitting on tape during one of his conversations with Herman that he had sex with a very young child in Thailand, there was no proof that he actually did such. Therefore, the FBI could not arrest the Subway spokesperson until they had hard evidence, which frustrated Herman.

Fogle Became Interested in Herman’s Children

Jared from Subway

In 2009, the FBI asked Herman to set up a fake birthday party and invite Fogle as Herman was getting impatient by the lack of progress. When Fogle arrived at the party, he did not hesitate to hide his pedophilic nature as he asked Herman to tell him the age of all the guests attending the party. He then insisted that he wanted to sleep with a 7-year-old girl, specifically one “from a broken home.” Disturbingly, Fogle even demanded that Herman put a hidden camera in one of her two children’s bedrooms, both of whom were under the age of 12.

Herman Left The FBI and Went To The Police

Herman giving an interview

After three years of collaborating with the FBI and frustrated that they had still not arrested Fogle, Herman decided to leave the FBI and report her findings to the Sarasota Police Department. The police were shocked by Herman’s audio tapes as many officers perceived Fogle as a friendly, innocent-seeming man. Unfortunately, just like with the FBI, the Sarasota police couldn’t arrest Fogle because not only did they not have any concrete evidence that could convict him, but he also lived out of state and outside the police’s jurisdiction.

Herman Threatened To Play The Tapes On Her Radio Show

Herman from Fogle doc

Frustrated by the lack of action from both the FBI and the Sarasota Police Department, Herman considered simply playing the audio recordings between him and Fogle live on her radio show. The police urged her not to do this as it would make things orks. The FBI took it one step forward though because when they discovered that Herman was considering airing the tapes live, they raided her office and home and took all material pertaining to Jared Fogle.

Russell Taylor Was Investigated For Having Pictures Of Bestiality

Jared outside of court

Meanwhile, Russell Taylor, a close associate of Jared Fogle and the director of his charity organization, the Jared Foundation, was investigated by the Indiana State Police after they were informed that Taylor had photos of bestiality. Former police captain Chuck Cohen stated in the documentary series that he found a picture of Taylor’s wife, “in contact with an animal.”

The Police Discovered Hidden Cameras In Taylor’s House

Jared on set

Pictures of bestiality were not the only incriminating evidence that the Indiana State Police found at Taylor’s home as they also discovered secret cameras hidden all over Taylor’s stepchildren’s rooms. Taylor defended himself by stating that they were there to catch potential thieves who might steal valuable items from their rooms. However, after tinkering around with the cameras, the police found footage of Taylor’s stepchildren, Hannah and Christian, performing actions like undressing or taking showers without realizing they were being recorded.

The Stepdaughters Were Horrified By This Discovery

Taylor's Stepdaughters from Jared doc

Naturally, when Hannah and Christian discovered that their stepfather was secretly recording them at their most vulnerable moments, they were terrified. In Jared from Subway: Catching a Killer, Christian describes the traumatic state that she and her sister were in when they discovered the secret recordings, stating “We were being watched 24/7… It’s just really hard to accept that that even happened.”

The Stepdaughters’ Mother Was Also Involved

Taylor and wife from Jared Doc

To make matters worse, Taylor’s wife and Hannah and Christian’s mother, Angela Baldwin, often participated in the behavior and criminal activities that her husband engaged in. According to the documentary series, Baldwin would often say or do something sexually explicit that made her children incredibly uncomfortable such as gifting Hannah and Christian with sex toys. Baldwin even stated that she not only wanted to sleep with her own children but also wanted Taylor to sleep with them as well.

Taylor’s Text Message To Fogle Is What Ultimately Got Him Caught

Jared and police

Taylor’s arrest would ultimately mark the beginning of Jared Fogle’s downfall. During the State Police’s investigation, they found an image of a naked child that Taylor sent to Fogle followed by a text message informing the Subway spokesperson that he went out to eat at a restaurant with that same child. Fogle responded to Taylor’s texts with enthusiasm as it seemed obvious he was just as aroused by the picture as Taylor was. This was the evidence that the police needed to arrest and charge Fogle.

The FBI Raided Jared’s House

Jared at Subway

In July 2015, the FBI raided Fogle’s Indiana house, arrested him, and charged him with both child pornography possession and engaging in sexual activity with minors. The raid shocked not only his neighbors, but the entire country as well considering that, at the time, Fogle was still known as the friendly, inspirational guy who appeared in all the Subway commercials. However, following his arrest and the trial he would face afterward, his reputation would change forever.

Fogle Admitted To His Crimes

Jared Giving a Speech

At his trial, Fogle admitted to all the crimes that he was accused of committing. Fogle attempted to justify his actions by stating that when he became famous, he quickly “…had become dependent on alcohol, porn, and prostitutes“, and several innocent people were harmed because of his addictions and actions. Fogle was quick to claim responsibility for his actions, but this did not win him any sympathy as his reputation had been completely ruined by that point.

Subway Ended Ties With Fogle

Jared and Subway from Documentary

Naturally, when Subway heard about the FBI raid on Fogle’s house and that he was facing trial for his crimes as a sexual predator, they immediately cut all ties with him and posted on their Facebook page, “Jared Fogle’s actions are inexcusable and do not represent our brand’s values. We had already ended our relationship with Jared.” Subway also immediately discontinued any ad featuring Fogle as they wanted to distance themselves from the man as quickly and effectively as possible.

Fogle Was Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

Jared Fogle from Jared Documentary-1

While the prosecution did not have actual physical proof that Fogle committed actual sexual acts against children, they did have access to audio recordings of Fogle explaining in explicit detail his sexual attraction towards minors. These recordings go back as far as 2007, and they were enough to convince both the judge and jury to find Fogle guilty of his crimes. The judge sentenced Fogle to 15 years and 8 months in federal prison where he remains to this day, which is where Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster concludes.

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