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Jennifer Lopez’s Surprising Bright-Eye Hack Will Make You Look ‘Wide Awake,’ According to Shoppers | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

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It’s basically beauty sleep in a bottle.

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After a hectic week, sometimes even the best skincare and makeup products in the world can’t wake up a tired-looking face. I can guarantee that busy celebs like Jennifer Lopez know the struggle well; in a recent interview with Vogue, Lopez (Affleck?) gave viewers the scoop on all of her favorite beauty products — including one surprising Amazon best-seller that has nothing to do with the skin. After showing off a gentle cleanser from her line, JLo Beauty and her go-to candle, the pop star whipped out a bottle of brightening eye drops. “I like to have bright eyes,” she told the camera, explaining that they’re “the first thing everybody sees.”

Formulated to soothe away redness in moments, the Lumify Redness-Reliever Eye Drops live up to their name, with  each bottle containing brimonidine, an active ingredient that’s highly effective in brightening the white area of the eyeball. “Lumify drops are the only over the counter drops on the market that contain this ingredient, which causes constriction and narrowing of the blood vessels in the eye,” ophthalmologist  Adam Moss, M.D, previously told Shape. As a result, a drop to each eye can quickly reduce the signs of sleepless nights and hours in front of a screen. (BTW: Shoppers say Sydney Sweeney’s favorite eye masks “visibly reduce” puffiness and wrinkles.)


Buy It: Lumify Redness-Reliever Eye Drops, $25,

What’s more, so many people depend on this formula in their daily wellness routine with the drops earning more than 5,000 perfect Amazon ratings. “Immediately your eyes are perfectly white,” wrote one shopper, adding that it “lasts all day” and is “well worth the price.” Another fan who described their morning eyes as “red as red can be” raved that the drops have “no effects other than clear, beautifully white eyes and [they] last for at least 10 hours.” A third remarked that the treatment makes them look “wide awake” after long hours at work. (Pssst: Selena Gomez’s latest TikTok includes a toner shoppers call “incredibly hydrating and “nourishing.”

All the mascara and eye cream in the world can’t relieve a sleepy eye, so if redness is a frequent problem for you, consider taking a tip from J.Lo and trying out these soothing drops. Get a bottle for $25 at Amazon.


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