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Jennings High School adds new metal detectors to enhance school safety | #schoolsaftey

JENNINGS, La. (KPLC) – Safety has become one of the top priorities for schools in Southwest Louisiana and they continue to add measures to make their students and staff feel safer.

Now Jennings High School is adding new metal detectors to create an even safer environment for anyone who enters the school.

“It just makes me feel a lot safer at school knowing that for sure no one will be bringing anything into school that they’re not supposed to,” Jennings High School sophomore Emma Ward said.

Emma along with all her classmates and any visitors must go through the metal detectors before they start their day.

The system lights up green but if a metal item or weapon is detected it will make a beeping sound and the light will turn red principal of Jennings High Selena Gomez says it will put people’s minds at ease.

“I think it’s just going to bring a deeper peace and just help to ensure all our stakeholders our students our community that we have something in place that is going to be initiated on entry into the building,” Principal Gomez said.

The weapons detector systems will also be used at all upcoming graduations in the parish to ensure the safety of everyone at a large gathering.

“It’s gonna be great to have them in use at graduation because it creates a safer environment in such an open area that’s going to be open to the public people coming in from outside the community and again it just creates a safer event for our students and the community,” Gomez said.

Not only are the students and staff happy with these changes, but parents are also glad their children will be less likely to be in danger.

“You hear things all the time about people bringing stuff to school, and when I told my parents about it they were happy about it, and there’s also just a lot of things, not just weapons, but like vaping that the metal detectors can prevent,” Ward said.

All schools in the parish will also be using metal detectors in the near future.

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