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Jessie J has been praised by fans for sharing an empowering post about her post-pregnancy body. (Getty Images)

Jessie J has been applauded by fans for sharing a topless snap to Instagram, just 11 days after giving birth, alongside an inspirational message celebrating her post-pregnancy body.

The Price Tag singer, 35, welcomed her first child in May with her boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman with the couple recently revealing their son’s name – Sky.

Since then the new mum has been busy keeping fans updated on her parenting journey and has most recently discussed how she feels about her body after birth.

Sharing a black and white image of herself topless, which showed off a still-visible bump, 11 days postpartum, Jessie added an inspirational caption embracing the changes to her body since becoming a mother.

The singer, whose full name Jessie Cornish, went on to say how grateful she was that her body had grown a whole human being.

“I’m writing this for myself as well as any one else that needs to read this,” she began her post.

“Your body was a home for someone else to live in for 9 months.”

Jessie then described the impact pregnancy and childbirth can have on the body.

“Your organs have moved and need to find their way back to where they were before,” she wrote.

“Your uterus is still deflating slowly. Your hormones are flying and crashing. Your body is working the hardest it has ever worked. You are exhausted but you are magical. You grew a whole human.”

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Jessie J recently gave birth to her first child and has been getting real about new motherhood. (Getty Images)

She then offered a reminder to have patience and allow yourself time to recover.

“Take your time,” she said. “Be easy on yourself, your body AND your mind. Remember you are in recovery and don’t forget to also remind those around you.”

As well as being kind to yourself, the new mum also shared a reminder to “celebrate your new body”.

It HAD to change,” she wrote. “It will be bigger and smaller in different places. IT IS BEAUTIFUL and NATURAL.”

She also reminded fans to overlook, the often unwanted comments, about how you should and shouldn’t look after having a baby.

“It’s 2023. People need to chill. Time to snap forward not snap back,” she added.

“It’s your journey.Your time and YOUR body. It’s not the same as anyone else’s, and that’s what makes it special. You are unique.

“You are doing amazing Mamma. You the MVP,” she concluded.

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Since sharing her body positive post, fans have been quick to comment, thanking the star for her empowering words.

“Some of the most important words anyone postpartum needs to hear… you will never be the same because you made a life!” one fan wrote.

“Took me 12 months to ‘snap forward’ I love my body more now bc I’ve seen what it’s capable of,” another agreed.

“Thank you for fearlessly speaking out about the incredible changes women’s bodies go through during pregnancy,” yet another user commented. “Your wise words resonate deeply with countless mothers, myself included.

“Your voice is a powerful force in spreading awareness and fostering body positivity. Sending you love and gratitude for your inspiring message.”

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Stacey Solomon has also been praised for sharing an inspiring message about post-birth bodies. (Getty Images)

Stacey Solomon has also been praised for sharing an inspiring message about post-birth bodies. (Getty Images)

Jessie J isn’t the only celebrity who has been praised for their relatable advice on post-pregnancy bodies.

Earlier this year Stacey Solomon was applauded for her honest post about the realities of life with a newborn, alongside an image of her post-birth baby bump.

The Sort Your Life Out presenter, 33, gave birth to her daughter, Belle, who she shares with her husband Joe Swash, 41, earlier this year and gave an updated on how she was adjusting to being a mother of five.

Sharing a collection of sweet mother/daughter photos to Instagram, Solomon, 33, wore a pair of soft grey, jersey pyjamas as she cradled her newborn on top of her post-pregnancy baby bump.

“Snuggle Saturdays with Belle. The last time I stood here and took a picture you were inside my tummy ready to come out,” the star wrote in the accompanying caption.

“The pjs have been washed but I can’t say the same about my hair I love that I still have our bump too.

“The best memory of growing you and the perfect little ledge to sleep you on. Happy Saturday everyone. Lots of love from us. P.S I’m as tired as I look.”

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Solomon was quickly praised by fans for normalising the existence of an after-birth bump.

“Beautiful. Love that you not afraid to show mums have a bump after birth too,” one fan shared.

“Thanks for posting this with your bump still,” another added. “I’m 10 days postpartum and have mine too so seeing I’m not alone is reassuring.”

Last year Millie Mackintosh also reminded fans “it’s not always as it seems” on social media, as she shared what her post-pregnancy body looks like from different angles.


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