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JILA addresses legal challenges in ransomware attacks | Japan | #ransomware | #cybercrime

JILA ransomware attacks seminar
Hiroaki Yamaoka, a lawyer at Yakumo Law Office, presents a lecture on cyber risks to in-house lawyers.

The ins and outs of ransomware attacks took centre stage at the Japan In-house Lawyers Association’s (JILA) two-part seminar on 17 April 2024 at the Iidabashi Grand Bloom in Tokyo. Hiroaki Yamaoka, a lawyer at Yakumo Law Office, opened the session with the essentials of cybersecurity. His presentation included a hacking demonstration, aimed at bridging the communication gap between legal and technical departments. Yamaoka later delved into the complex issue of ransomware threats and the role of legal departments in navigating these challenges.

The seminar was entitled “Cybersecurity Laws that In-house Lawyers Should Know – Practical Response to Ransomware Attacks”.

The lecture was held in a hybrid format, addressing the fast-changing world of cyber risks, especially ransomware attacks that threaten business continuity. These challenges have resulted in stricter regulations and more complex agreements with business partners, greatly increasing the duties of in-house lawyers.

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