Jinan’s network will foil the hackers

A COMMUNICATIONS system that is said to be impenetrable to hackers is expected to be put into commercial use in Jinan, capital of east China’s Shandong Province, by the end of next month.

The Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology announced on Sunday that the “quantum communication network,” connecting Party and government bodies in the city had been tested and the designers were satisfied with its performance, especially in secure communications.

Liu Hong, a Shandong University professor who was involved in the test, said the network had proved to be in a “very ideal” condition.

In the test, which involved over 50 programs, the network transmitted data with quantum encryption keys among nearly 200 terminals in the city. Between users, more than 4,000 keys were generated in just a second, said Zhou Fei, an assistant director at the institute.

Quantum communication uses an entanglement of photons to make sure that nobody taps into the line, for doing so would inevitably corrupt the signal.

In quantum communication, any interference is detectable. Two parties can exchange secret messages by sharing an encryption key encoded in the properties of entangled particles.

Zhou said the success of the test is a landmark in the development of quantum communication technology worldwide, paving the way for its commercial use first in government and then in finance, energy and other sectors.


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