John McAfee finally reveals Sentinel anti-hacking system

REMEMBER WHEN SECURITY Errol Flynn, John McAfee, got everyone excited about a super secure thing that he was working on, that would make all other security things quail and crawl away? It’s finally here.

While the long-awaited ‘John McAfee Privacy Phone’ is not quite here yet, McAfee’s hack-proof Sentinel system is now available and comes out of the MGT firm that he set up.

Sentinel is $2,499, and with that, you get a one-year subscription to a service that reportedly does not mess about.

“For most organisations, the reality is that hackers are already on your network. Sentinel is a system that detects hackers as they probe throughout your network in an attempt to further their infiltration and identify attractive targets,” explains MGT about its new baby Sentinel.

“The system, composed of a passive hardware device connected to each subnet, monitors network traffic for suspicious activity using sophisticated algorithms which generates alerts when triggered.”

All of the info makes this an enticing proposition, and the Sentinel box does sound like something that you would not like to tangle with. It’s all so dramatic and sleek that the PayPal payment page takes you rather by surprise.

In case you missed it, it is very secure too. “When attackers scan your network, Sentinel appears to be low hanging fruit, attractive targets that will be easy to hack and exploit. Attempting to scan or hack sentinel will result in the administrator getting an alert via text message and email,” adds the blurb through gritted teeth.

“The administrator can then secure genuine resources on the network. Sentinel mitigates risk by greatly reducing the time a hacker has to operate inside protected networks. Using information collected by Sentinel, the IT staff can take the appropriate action to determine the scope of the intrusion and resolve it quickly. For the first time, take a proactive rather than reactive approach to cybersecurity.”


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