John #McAfee’s #Twitter Gets #Hacked; #Starts Coin of the #Minute #Parade

John McAfee’s Twitter was hacked earlier today, and posted a few ‘coin of the day’ recommendations, leading to major pumps and dumps as bots went all in.

As if the crypto verse and John McAfee’s relationship needed more drama, a while ago the @officialmcafee Twitter started posting random coin recommendations, starting with Siacoin, followed by NXT minutes later, and then going on to name PTOY, BAT and XRP.

The Tweets, which did not ‘sound’ like McAfee’s usual self, did end up pumping the named coins, even though comments showed that people were suspicious, betting that either the account was hacked, or McAfee was trying to ruin bots which trade based on his recommendations.

Interestingly, Siacoin, which was the first Tweet, went from 175 Sats to over 260 Sats in seconds, and then dumped fast, back to 180 Sats. NXT, which has been bleeding out lately, ahead of its upcoming snapshot for the IGNIS airdrop, also shot up quickly, from under 8000 Sats to over 9300 Sats, before dipping again.

Both BAT and PTOY had similar surges, going up as much as 1,000 Sats, before dropping to previous levels.

As McAfee’s Twitter kept posting new coins, it seems that bots that were designed earlier to follow his recommendations and trade them for quick profits, were still active, and quickly bought up anything mentioned by the ‘hacker(s)’.

Shortly afterwards, what seems like a legit Tweet from McAfee himself, announced that his account had been hacked, and that Twitter has been notified.

Urgent: My account was hacked. Twitter has been notified. The coin of the day tweet was not me. As you all know… I am not doing a coin of the day anymore!!!!

John McAfee has literally had the crypto market on its toes since he started his coin recommendations, which have resulted in massive surges (followed by huge, if not equally massive dips).

Given all the drama (fake accounts, accusations of taking money for promoting coins), McAfee earlier announced that he would only make weekly recommendations, starting with the first one coming this Monday.

Today he also shared that he would be recommending Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) moving forward, and if his coin recommendations are anything to go by, we may see ICOs getting major investment volume following his reviews.

For now, McAfee’s Twitter account getting hacked is a disconcerting news, and goes to show how vulnerable, wild and unpredictable the crypto space really is.

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