Josh Giddey slammed by TV personality: Disgusting child pedrator | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Reality TV personality Masika Kalysha has voiced her strong opinion on the recent allegations surrounding OKC Thunder’s Josh Giddey.

Kalysha called for swift action from the NBA in addressing the case. She suggested a disparity in the treatment of Giddey compared to black athletes facing similar situations, emphasizing the need for consistent and timely consequences.

“If this disgusting piece of sh*t was black, Hispanic, or anything other than white, he would be underneath the jail and banned from the NBA this fkn privileged Pedophile needs to be penalized immediately he is a disgusting child predator,” Kalysha wrote on X.

Calls for Giddey to be sent to jail

Kalysha’s candid remarks on social media highlight her commitment to raising awareness about the severity of the allegations against Giddey.

“Ok and moving forward he got 192922 pics with the little girl,” Kalysha replied to a user who defended the NBA player.

“Boo’d ft up on multiple occasions. I can see getting fooled once at a dark night club but once it’s a REOCCURRING THING. No. Let’s pretend like he didn’t know THERE WERE SIGNS! SHES IN HIGH SCHOOL! JAIL.”

She urged the NBA to promptly address the situation and ensure appropriate repercussions. The Newport Beach Police Department is currently investigating allegations of a relationship between Giddey and an underage girl, as revealed in a now-deleted social media post.

Despite the ongoing investigation, neither Giddey nor Thunder head coach Mark Daigneault has commented on the situation. The NBA has initiated its own investigation, collecting information on the matter.

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