K9 Protection Group launches “Paws on Patrol” to make schools in Alabama, US safer | #schoolsaftey

Global K9 Protection Group, LLC (GK9PG), who provides explosives and firearms detection canines for use in aviation security, sports and entertainment, and education and hospital verticals, has created a new program called “Paws on Patrol” that is helping address increased gun violence in America’s classrooms.

GK9PG is known for delivering elite canine screening services led by experienced security and logistics professionals, focused on providing highly trained, quality canines and handlers, with the goal of improving national security and addressing pressing security threats across communities.

In the wake of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting tragedy, GK9PG embarked on a mission to make schools safer through Paws on Patrol, staring a pilot program in partnership with Auburn High School in Auburn, Alabama and John Horn High School in Mesquite, Texas which quickly led to a nationwide deployment in schools across the country. Soon thereafter, the reception and success of Paws on Patrol led to the implementation of parallel services in hospitals called Paws+.

Challenged by the traditional image of security canines – loud, barking, intimidating dogs, GK9PG has taken a different approach that sets them apart from other trained detection dog programs across America. 

“Since the inception of Paws on Patrol, our mission has been about training world-class detection dogs that offer a level of safety and security for every community by fusing science with a specialized, elite dog training program,” says, Michael Larkin, Vice President of Commercial Services of Global K9 Protection Group. 

The science behind Paws on Patrol’s training is called Kinetic Detection; “a science-based method for selecting, training, and employing dogs for the identification of body-worn and concealed-carried explosives or firearms. Kinetic dogs constantly sample the air for explosive odor molecules regardless of the delivery system.”

This highly specific program is one-of-a-kind, because it is the only program that exclusively trains dogs not to attack but detect and alert their handler when danger is about. Paws on Patrol is also specific about the breed of dogs they train, wanting “floppy-eared dogs” like those from the retriever family, to remove the aggressive stigma that comes with being a detection dog. “We want to allow kids in schools and their parents, and really any space where there could be danger, to feel safer knowing that they have a trained dog and handler near-by who are constantly on patrol,” says Eric Hare, CEO of Global K9 Protection Group.

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