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Kadaba youth jailed in Saudi Arabia due to hacker’s fraud set to return home | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Daijiworld Media Network – Kadaba (MS)

Kadaba, Nov 20: Chandrashekhar, a resident of Mujoor of Aithoor village in the taluk, who was sent to Riyadh jail by Saudi Arabia authorities for the past 11 months due to the cheating by bank account hackers, is returning back to his native place on Monday November 20.

Riyadh police will send Chandrashekhar by a Mumbai flight. He will reach Mangaluru airport on Monday evening. It is said that Chandrashekhar was released after fine was paid as per the court order in Saudi Arabia.

Chandrashekhar, who was working in Bengaluru was sent to Saudi Arabia after he was promoted in 2022. He was working in Alfanar Ceramics. He visited a shop in Riyadh to buy a mobile phone and SIM card. He had given his thumb impression on an application twice. After a week, he received a message on his mobile phone in Arabic language. Chandrashekhar had seen the same. After two days, he received a call and the person asked for his SIM details. Accordingly, Chandrashekhar had given the OTP to the caller. After a week, Chandrashekhar was arrested by Riyadh police.

Hackers had opened a bank account in the name of Chandrashekhar without his knowledge. As much as 22000 Saudi Riyals were deposited to Chandrashekhar’s fake account from the account of a local Saudi woman. The money was immediately transferred to some other person’s account in some other country.

The woman who lost the money raised a complaint with the police accusing that the money is swindled by Chandrashekhar. Hence, he was arrested. His friend informed the matter to his family. Chandrashekhar was allowed to speak only for two minutes on phone per day. Even his friends in Riyadh were not allowed to meet him.

Chandrashekhar’s marriage was fixed in January in his native place. However, he got arrested before the marriage. Chandrashekhar’s friends collected Rs 10 lac and gave the same to the lawyer in Saudi Arabia. Out of that Rs six lac were given to the woman who lost the money. But Chandrashekhar was not released.

The company for which Chandrashekhar worked got alert after media reported that Chandrashekhar is innocent and joined hands for his release. B R Arun from Madikeri and Kabeer from Mangaluru put in herculean efforts for the release of Chandrashekhar.







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