Keeping your #password safe from #hackers

We’ve probably all been hacked electronically in some way or another and it’s not fun.

Computer experts say there’s a few things you want to make sure you do and don’t do, to keep your password safe from hackers.

Having the same password for all of your online accounts can be dangerous and leave you vulnerable to hackers. Mike Hines, Redline Computers, Owner, says having multiple passwords, doesn’t have to be complicated.

“Have the password be five different variations of a vary similar password, and then you vary the numbers or vary the symbols that you use,” Mike Hines, Redline Computers, Owner says.

Hines says if you don’t want to keep your passwords on a word document you can put it on I-could or on piece of paper you’re not going to lose.

Hines says overall it’s a mindset of caution, if something doesn’t sound right it probably isn’t. If you get an email from a friend saying their stuck in the Philippines and need $2,000 to get home call them and make sure it’s really them. If you hear in the news Yahoo or Facebook’s main system has been hacked changed your password immediately.

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