Kellogg School District cancels graduation over violence threats | #schoolsaftey

The Sheriff of Shoshone County released a statement regarding the student-led protest that occurred on the afternoon of June 2, 2023. This then resulted in the cancelation of graduation.

In the Facebook statement, Sheriff Holly Lindsey said a few deputies were at Kellogg High School (KHS) to ensure safety. She said overall that the protest was peaceful and kids along with their parents were being respectful.

Sheriff Lindsey continued to say, “We did receive word that a large number of protesters were coming from out of county to organize with our local cause; however, the group is known for violence during protests which are concerning. In the last few days, KHS also received several phone calls threatening violence. Due to the threat of violence, the Kellogg School District made the decision to cancel tomorrow’s graduation.”

Sheriff Lindsey clarified a rumor that went around and denounce it. She says, “My role as the Sheriff, as law enforcement in general, is to notify the school district of any information we obtain pertaining to the safety of students and staff. The school district then uses the information to make its decisions. In this case, the Kellogg School District made the decision to cancel the ceremony. The SCSO’s responsibility is to enforce the laws and keep the peace. We definitely do not make decisions for public schools.”

She ends her statement by noting how horrible a situation this is for kids and their families.

The community is divided over this and it’s devastating to watch. – Sheriff Lindsey Holly

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