Kettering safety zone plans include Fairmont, middle school near Fraze | #schoolsaftey

They will address two priorities — school and traffic safety — for the police department, Kettering Police Chief Chip Protsman said.

“We have a good school safety unit that’s out there helping people cross the street during those busy times,” he said. “But we continue to look at ways that we can make things safer.

“There’s been some issues … During school time we’ll always have a couple that come up,” Protsman added. “That’s why we continue to look at things that we can do.”

On Shroyer, flashing lights will be installed around Fairmont at Rockhill Avenue and Lincoln Park Boulevard, near the Fraze, city officials said. They will also be located at Storms Road and at Schuyler Drive in front of Van Buren.

“The flashing lights add an extra layer of protection as they heighten awareness during school arrival and dismissal hours near the schools,” Bergstresser said in an email.

“The new school zones … will reduce traffic speeds and make motorists more aware of pedestrians, school buses and personal vehicles entering and leaving school property,” he added.

The city wants to have the devices in the new zones in place by mid-August, before Kettering schools resume classes. The areas will have a 20-mph speed limit, include flashing lights and signs to notify motorists when the reduced speed limits are active, Bergstresser said.

Along Shroyer now, there are signalized intersections near Van Buren and one at Shroyer and Lincoln Park, he said. A crosswalk with flashing lights is in front Fairmont.

Glengarry has a signed 20-mph school zone for Indian Riffle, Bergstresser added. The new zone will expand that speed limit “along the entire frontage” of KMS and flashing lights will be installed, he said.

The city recently approved $50,000 for the project. Bergstresser noted completion of the work is subject to the availability of a contractor and materials.

Kettering students start returning to classes Aug. 17 with all classes in session by following day, according to the school district.

The city currently has four concerts and events scheduled at the Fraze or Lincoln Park Civic Commons after those dates. Only one – a Gin Blossoms and Sugar Ray concert – occurs during the week, but is set for 7 p.m.

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