KIACS Cyber Security Conference

March 21, 2017 | Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait Industrial Automation & Control Systems Cyber Security Conference 2014 (KIACS Cyber Security Conference) was the first conference of its kind in Kuwait, addressing the issue of cyber security threats and cyber crisis in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

Organized and hosted by EQUATE Petrochemical Company in partnership with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) & Subsidiaries, the key objective of the event is to share experience, leverage knowledge and impart awareness among the industrial communities in Kuwait, neighboring Gulf countries as well as relevant international parties.

The conference which was held under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ali Al-Omair, Minister of Oil, State Minister for National Assembly Affairs and KPC Board Chairman, addressed the technical challenges that face the industrial sector, particularly within the oil sector, as well as the ways to deal with the threats facing the cyber security of industrial control systems and how to develop best practices and solutions. During panels discussions and addresses by experts and professionals from around the world, several key topics were highlighted, including: how to develop an encompassing strategy to face the mutual threats facing industries regionally and internationally, the ways to spread awareness regarding the importance of protecting industrial automation and control systems from cyber threat and the need to protect the basic infrastructure for economic security.

The purpose & objectives of this conference are:
Review the Cyber Security Standards and international community’s experience and achievements to date in strengthening Cyber Security of Industrial Automation and Control Systems
learn and share Cyber Security Best Practices Implemented in Operational Technologies (OTs)
Understands the Human Factor Dynamics in Cyber Security.
To identify the emerging Cyber law trends and jurisprudence impacting cyberspace in today’s scenario.
To create far more awareness about the newly emerging kinds of cybercrimes that are impacting all stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.
To identify the areas in cybercrimes where Cyber law needs to be further evolved so as to meet with the expectation and needs of the relevant stakeholders of the digital ecosystem.
For stakeholders and experts to share knowledge and expertise, as well as exchange best practices in the field of IACS Cyber Security, Crisis Management with a specific focus on cyber workshops.
To offer a comprehensive program which includes plenary sessions with high-level keynote speakers and break-out sessions on conference themes and topics.
To present workshops on IACS Cyber Security and Cyber Crisis led by experienced professionals in order to identify gaps and address challenges.
To increase awareness of IACS Cyber Security threats and risks.
To educate the community about protecting information.
To enhance technical skills of industry professionals.
To present cutting-edge information to broaden cyber security professionals’ knowledge base.
To present useful sessions that examine current or potential issues and threats, as well as offer viable solutions.


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