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  • Facebook streamer PrimeTime broke the world record for longest-running stream without sleep, surpassing 162 hours live without going to bed.
  • PrimeTime kept his viewers engaged by playing Grand Theft Auto Online and talking to them during his record-breaking run.
  • While viewers were entertained by intense challenges on stream, it’s important for streamers to prioritize their health and avoid risky no-sleep challenges.

Kick and Facebook streamer PrimeTime broke the world record for longest-running stream without sleep. PrimeTime is known for streaming Grand Theft Auto Online RP on his Facebook Gaming page, where he would spend hours just entertaining his viewers. With his recent personal challenge, he managed to surpass another streamer’s world record of 162 hours live without going to bed.

On September 1, PrimeTime announced on his Facebook page, where he has over 60,000 followers, that he would attempt to stream for 167 hours without any sleep on Kick. It seemed like he wanted to challenge himself to beat the existing world record, as well as his personal record of streaming for 105 hours. PrimeTime’s stream could be likened to Twitch’s subathons, but the difference was that Twitch streamers would include sub goal challenges, like shaving their head and eyebrows, and they still went to bed and letting their viewers watch as they slept. PrimeTime kept his viewers engaged by playing Grand Theft Auto Online and talking to his viewers during his record-breaking run.

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After almost a week, PrimeTime managed to stream for 164 hours with zero sleep, beating ThisFudginGuy’s record of 162 hours from two years ago. In his tweet, he said he wanted to attempt to hit 200 hours without sleep, but it seemed like he went offline before going beyond that. ThisFudginGuy also congratulated PrimeTime in chat, saying that he’ll have to get back on streaming to try and beat his record. He also claimed that his 162-hour no-sleep stream wasn’t recognized by Guinness World Records because he didn’t want to pay for someone to validate the footage.

Many people congratulated PrimeTime on reaching this impressive milestone on Kick, with some saying they’ve been watching his previous attempts on his Facebook streams, and that they were glad to see him finally succeed. Meanwhile, others expressed concern over his health, telling him to get some sleep after breaking the world record.

No matter the streaming platform, many viewers seem to be entertained by intense challenges on stream, which would often include creators testing their physical limits. One popular example was when Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy went 54 hours with no sleep to go from Bronze to Predator while live on Twitch back in 2021. The final hours of his stream was watched by over 100,000 people, including fellow content creators, who wanted to see him succeed in real time.

Of course, it’s undeniable that streamers’ no-sleep challenges and even their lack of sleep on regular days might cause them health problems in the future. In the past, xQc’s fans expressed concern over his poor sleeping habits as they could cause further harm to his body. Sleep deficiency is often linked to chronic diseases and mental health problems, so streamers and viewers alike should remember to keep the risky no-sleep challenges at a minimum.

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