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Child Passenger Safety Week (17 to 23 September) promotes the importance of keeping your child safe in a car.

John Perlman speaks to Maxi-Cosi Operations Director Debbie Billson about the importance of child passenger safety.

People often overlook the importance of car seats for children. Some parents just aren’t aware of their necessity while others argue they cannot afford them.

Billson says this should not be an excuse to put your child’s safety at risk.

For less than 1% of the value of your car, you can afford a car seat. The most precious gift that any family could get is a newborn baby, and we need to ensure and spread the message about the importance of clicking your baby into a car seat.

Debbie Billson, Operations Director – Maxi- Cosi

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But for how long should your little one be in a car seat?

It is not a matter of age, says Billson.

Cars are designed for adults. Any child with a height of less than 150cm should theoretically be in a car seat – that would include many 10 to 12-year-olds.

Car seats should always be in the back seat. If you want to keep an eye on your little one, instead opt for a mirror attachment for the rear-view mirror.

Billson says parents often think snuggling and holding onto their children is enough to keep them safe in the case of an accident.

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A child that weighs 30kg, and you are travelling at 50km/h, on impact the child’s weight converts into approximately one ton. That equates to dropping your child out of a three-story building. I don’t think there is any parent who can hold back that force on impact.

Debbie Billson, Operations Director – Maxi- Cosi

Seeing as cars can travel upwards of 100km/h on the highway, the impact will more than double.

For more car seat tips, visit Maxi-Cosi SA.

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