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Kieron Richardson says people still approach him about his parenting documentary, four years after it aired on TV

Kieron Richardson says people still approach him about his parenting documentary.

The ‘Hollyoaks’ actor and his husband Carl Hyland were trailed by cameras in 2016 as they embarked on their surrogacy journey to welcome twins Phoebe and Chase and Kieron revealed that years later people still want to talk to him about the Channel 4 documentary ‘Raised by Queers’.

He told Inside Soap: “I get messages all the time! We did the documentary four years ago, and it’s still online. It’s nice that it’s always going to be there to help people.

“It’s funny, but I don’t think of us as gay dads. Even though we are, we’re just parents getting on with raising our kids.

“I made so many mistakes – people shouldn’t look up to me! But I like that we can give people a nudge in the right direction.”

Meanwhile, Kieron previously revealed he and Carl wanted the twins to get to know their surrogate.

He said: “We took our surrogate’s lead because she has done it before. She sees those babies once a year close to their birthdays, so we’ll probably do the same. We’re going to be so open and honest with them from the beginning. They need to know how they got here.”

Though the couple know the twins’ biological paternity, it isn’t something they want to share with other people.

Kieron said: “That is the most asked question but we feel we are just a family unit, two dads and two babies, and as it’s not important to us, it shouldn’t be to anyone else.”

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