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Kilgore ISD releases additional safety, security measures for 2023-24 school year | News | #schoolsaftey

As the new academic year approaches, Kilgore ISD continues to implement additional campus safety and security measures to ensure the well-being of our students, faculty, staff and visitors.

School Resource Officers: Kilgore Police Department will continue to provide officers to its campuses. These highly trained individuals, including one canine, continue to serve as a proactive presence across campuses and ensure swift response to any potential threats or emergencies.

Employee Guardians: Trained staff members act as an extra layer of protection and support in safeguarding students and staff.

District Security Officers: Kilgore ISD will have two licensed and uniformed security officers to enforce an additional layer of security and protection for our schools.

Third Party Security Officers: Kilgore ISD continues to partner with local law enforcement agencies to hire off duty officers to strengthen its ability to handle unforeseen situations. These officers will also conduct perimeter checks across campuses.

Safety Glass Installation: Safety glass has been installed to the entry areas of Kilgore Middle School and the Kilgore ISD Administration Building to upgrade the safety infrastructure at both locations.

Intruder Resistant Film Installation: The installation of the intruder resistant film to all entries, vestibules and windows on all Kilgore ISD campuses is scheduled to begin next month. The film is designed to harden glass surfaces and make forced entry more difficult, allowing time for students and staff to get to secure locations and law enforcement to arrive on scene.

Every Kilgore ISD campus continues with visitor screening/sign-in procedures; visitors are required to present identification and are run through Raptor, a system that provides alerts for registered sex offenders.

Andy Baker, KISD Superintendent of Schools, expressed his confidence in the new and continued security measures, stating, “The safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and visitors are our top priorities. These proactive measures reflect our commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all. We are grateful to the continued support of our local law enforcement partners in making this possible.”

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