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Howell knows he’s notorious for carrying out two murders but is outraged that he’s also dubbed a pervert

Howell knows he’s notorious for carrying out two murders but is outraged that he’s also dubbed a pervert.

And he’s styled himself as a mentor behind bars, taking new inmates under his wing.

An ex-prisoner has also revealed the killer dentist is so angry at his depiction in 2016 Jimmy Nesbitt drama The Secret he talks constantly about suing the BBC.

Howell, who murdered his wife and his lover’s husband in a faked double suicide, only saw the series last year.

Jimmy Nesbitt in BBC show The Secret

“He always banged on about The Secret and whether I’d watched it and said he would love to sue the BBC,” the former inmate told the Sunday World this week.

“He complained there were details added in it that shouldn’t have been which made him out to be a sexual deviant and predator.

“He denies the sexual assaults and says he didn’t really do it.

“It’s mad that he’s OK with being a double murderer but not a sex offender.”

Howell, a former lay preacher is serving 21 years for the 1991 murders of his wife Lesley and RUC officer Trevor Buchanan, who was his lover Hazel Stewart’s husband. He gassed the mother of his two children with a hose from a car exhaust before driving her body to his lover’s home, where she’d drugged her husband.

Howell used the same method to kill the 32-year-old policeman and then left both bodies in a fume-filled car in Castlerock, arranged to look like a double suicide.

The pair got away with the crime for 18 years until the dentist lost his eldest son in a freak fall and was scammed out of a huge sum of cash, prompting him to admit his crimes to church elders and the PSNI. He also implicated Stewart who was convicted in 2011.

The former Sunday school teacher, who has continued to protest her innocence claiming she was controlled by Howell, is due for release in 2029.

Trevor Buchanan

In a jailhouse interview two years ago, she confirmed that Howell drugged her in his dental surgery and had sex with her while she was unconscious, which she believes was a practice run for his later sexual assaults on female patients.

In 2011 Howell admitted to nine counts of sexual assault on four women patients, declaring in court, ‘guilty and I’m sorry’. He had previously admitted to a similar assault on a fifth woman. He was sentenced to five and a half years for the sex crimes, which had taken place over a ten-year period from 1998. The former inmate says Howell appears to have had a change of heart inside.

“He’d say ‘if you watched The Secret don’t believe everything that’s in it’.

“He was talking about it all the time when it first came out. It was on one of the RTE channels and he was watching it in his cell at night, and he was really angry about the sex parts.

“You’d hear him cursing at the TV and then the other prisoners would be banging on their doors. He didn’t take it too well.”

Lesley Howell

The former prisoner says Howell is still deeply religious and takes every opportunity to befriend new inmates in Maghaberry Prison.

Howell has formed a Bible-bashing bond with fellow inmate Kristoff Alauya, convicted of the rape and murder of Belfast woman Grace Moore in 2006.

“As soon as my door was unlocked the first morning I was there Howell was the first person I saw,” he says.

“He more tries to groom the younger prisoners. He’d says things like ‘don’t let the prison officers bully you’.

Lesley Howell

“He’s an intelligent man and he can talk for hours. He was nice to me when I was in there and he does that to everyone. He really tried to take me under his wing.”

The former prisoner reveals Howell is also desperate to keep in touch with people on the outside.

“He’s kept writing to me since I’ve left, asking about if I’m still playing football.

“He also wants me to keep writing to him and wants me to go back and visit him. I don’t want to go near him,” says the ex-inmate.

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