Kirkland Police Respond To Domestic Incident, Uncover Fraud Ring

Some surprises are good, some are bad, and some are perhaps a little bit of both.

Police responded to a Totem Lake hotel on Thursday on a call of a domestic disturbance between a man and a woman staying there. But that incident led to the disruption of an apparent fraud ring that the couple were allegedly operating out of the hotel room.

Police found documents associated with identity theft in the room, including equipment that allowed them to reproduce fraudulent credit cards. What’s more, the couple were the subjects of a federal identity thef investigation. They also found drug paraphernalia in the room, police say.

Along with U.S. Postal Inspectors, Kirkland Police served warrants on the couple’s hotel room and recovered materials related to identity theft. The man and woman were booked into jail and are facing possible federal indictment, Kirkland Police Lt. Rob Saloum said.


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