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Meet’s seven pairs of World Travel Hackers! In summer 2023, these daring duos will be keeping us entertained with their tips and adventures

Everyone’s been talking about’s ultimate summer job opportunity: traveling around the world for four weeks, taking on challenges, creating inspirational social media content and pocketing what’s left over from a €10,000 budget. Now, after two months of recruiting, 1,200 applications, 40 final candidates, and our team’s unenviable task of narrowing down such great talent, the time has come to introduce the SEVEN savvy pairs of World Travel Hackers who’ll soon be jetting off on the adventure of their lives.

You’ll see these 14 fantastic people on our social media channels — Instagram, TikTok and YouTube — throughout summer 2023. Make sure you stay tuned to see how they get on with the challenges we set them, what their top money-saving travel hacks are, and all the places they discover along the way. We’re SO excited and we won’t keep you waiting any longer; get to know your seven World Travel Hacker duos!

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Mili and Naty come from Mělník, a modest town in the Czech Republic of some 20,000 people, but these outward-looking girls can’t get enough of exploring the world. Over their 15 years of friendship, they’ve had lots of fun travel experiences together; hitchhiking, busking, and farming are a few of their best memories. They say they complement each other in that Mili’s an idealist and Naty’s a realist, making any challenge that they need to overcome together a lot more interesting!…

Meet Amin from Slovakia and Nathan from the Netherlands! This easygoing and creative twosome met while they were exploring Southeast Asia, and they have a passion for budget travel that they’re bursting to share with us. Amin has also had his fair share of travel-related drama, having booked the wrong flight tickets, put down the wrong date when applying for a visa, and crashed his bike… multiple times. Let’s see what happens this time when we let him loose in the world!

Power couple Cezary and Kat are Polish and Slovak respectively, living it up in Lisbon. Mad about globetrotting, they have a social media channel all about cheap travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places. The step that primarily inspires their content is making a list of crazy things they want to experience, and they commit to doing this every six months. What makes Kat “the perfect woman”, according to Cezary? The fact that she loves camping!

Orshi and her husband Priyesh are from opposite sides of the world: Hungary and Fiji. Priyesh lived most of his life in the isolated Pacific Island nation and didn’t even know how to use a GPS until just three years ago! Now, he and his soulmate are seasoned travelers with lots of memorable moments behind them. They describe themselves as “an unstoppable force to be reckoned with that’s always looking for a new challenge”.


Bianca from Suceava in Romania is a budding traveler whose great motivation is human connections and the happy memories that can be made from them. She’ll be traveling with her long-distance partner, Miles, who lives in the US. The couple met three years ago when Bianca went there on a work program, and they can’t wait to take on the world together and share new experiences.

Say hello to Rafail and his cousin, Thanasis! We loved their characterful submission video of their hometown, Alexandroupoli, in which they showcase the more rugged, less Instagrammable side of Greece. The boys travel together a lot, and they help each other to become the best versions of themselves in the process — Rafail even calls Thanasis “the tzatziki to my gyros”.

And last but by no means least, it’s Emilia and Joel from the UK! They’ve been working and traveling together for two years, mainly in Southeast Asia, where they got into the swing of having incredible experiences on a budget. Some of their best travel tips are: stay with locals at their houses, have faith in people to help you even when there’s a language barrier, and don’t be afraid to come off the beaten track — you never know what you might find.

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