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A crafty Kmart shopper is being praised online for hacking one of the store’s most popular items into a super luxe addition to her home.

Sharing the “phenomenal” transformation to a popular Facebook page dedicated to creative Kmart hacks, the DIY expert showed how she totally revamped the budget retailer’s $55 mirror into a standout decor piece.

“I bought the Kmart mirror and shelf, the colour wasn’t right….. A can of black spray paint did the trick,” she wrote, adding she now “loved the look.”

Kmart rattan mirror

The popular Kmart $55 mirror with shelf and hooks has been a standout piece since it was released. Source: Facebook

Explaining how she did it, the Kmart shopper kept it simple, telling other fans of the budget retailer that she taped the mirror and little hooks at the bottom with masking tape before using a spray can to completely cover the unit with black paint.

“I couldn’t find the painter’s tape in the garage, so just used masking tape and white paper. Wrapped the knobs with masking tape. Luckily there was no overspray. I was so happy with the result,” she wrote.

The new piece seamlessly slotted straight into her already chic home decor which already features black, white and grey colour tones throughout.

Kmart mirror sprayed with black paintKmart mirror sprayed with black paint

Who knew some black spray paint could make such an impact?! Source: Facebook

Placing it in her entryway across from her front door, she styled it using giant decorative black timber beads and a white vase with a cream-dried floral arrangement.

Although dozens of people seem to love the natural wood and rattan piece just as it is, with plenty of glowing online reviews, her simple revamp left many keen to try it out themselves too.

“Great transformation of the mirror. And wow your home would be perfect for a homes magazine,” one person gushed of the transformation.


“I Love it more than the original colour,” another said with a third saying “That looks so much better in black.”

While her post was flooded with praise for the “stunning” new look, it seems many love the popular Kmart piece regardless, with the item fetching a rating of 4.8 out of five on the Kmart website.

Amongst the positive reviews, customers said they not only loved the style of the mirror but the excellent quality for the $55 price tag.

Kmart mirror sprayed with black paint and hung on the wallKmart mirror sprayed with black paint and hung on the wall

The revamped mirror was the perfect addition to the Kmart shopper’s home. Source: Facebook

“Absolutely in love and have received many compliments from guests as it’s at my front door,” one person’s online review said.

“Really stylish I am creating a beauty corner in my bedroom and this is perfect. Looks worth twice the price,” another added.

Looks like this crafty shopper has sent yet another Kmart item onto the sold-out list, so if you’re looking to test out this hack, you’d better get in quick!

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