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U.S. Department of Homeland Security has launched the Know2Protect campaign to educate parents about the dangers of online sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

Special Agent Jessica Zuppardo said you can learn more at their website

“And not only that but educating their children as well of the dangers out there and what to do if they do encounter a predator online, how they can help to intervene and report it to the police,” said Zuppardo.

The problem is rampant in Louisiana and the State Attorney General’s office indicates an almost 100-percent increase in cases from 2022. Zuppardo said there are two reasons they are seeing an increase.

“While this isn’t a new crime it is drastically increasing because more people have access to the internet but also it feels like it’s increasing because more people are reporting it,” said Zuppardo.

If your child is a victim of such abuse Zuppardo said not to delete any messages, don’t engage with the perpetrator, and to contact local law enforcement.

“And show them the messages or the pictures or whatever it is because those things are going to become evidence and are going to be useful in helping to identify the person. So, the main thing for them to do is to contact local law enforcement,” said Zuppardo.


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