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Korea’s Most Notorious YouTuber Gets Hacked, K-Pop Fans Celebrate The Channel’s Demise | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

See you later, maybe never.

There’s no doubt about it. K-Pop fans have been raging against the South Korean YouTube channel 탈덕수용소 (taldeok-suyongso, also known as SOJANG), notorious for their borderline-defamation content stemming from rumors and gossip.

탈덕수용소 YouTube Channel | SOJANG/YouTube

The channel has long been the center of controversies; BTS‘s RM, NCT‘s Jisung, actress Han So Hee, and countless K-Celebs more have dealt with the YouTuber spreading groundless dating and marriage rumors. Some management agencies, like ATEEZ‘s KQ Entertainment, have declared legal battles against the channel—though SOJANG remained up and running through it all.

| SOJANG/YouTube

Then, on June 23, it became evident that SOJANG got hacked. It became a “Tesla Live” channel, with a single video of Elon Musk made visible.

| SOJANG/YouTube

Not too long after, the channel soon disappeared altogether from the platform.

Result shown when searching “SOJANG” (@talduksojang) on YouTube | SOJANG/YouTube

Nothing is confirmed as of now; It is unclear whether the sudden transformation had indeed been a hacking incident or not. It is also unclear whether the said “hacker” took the channel down or SOJANG had contacted YouTube to restore what had once been.

In the past, YouTube has restored hacked accounts regardless of the nature of the videos that were uploaded to the channel. That being said, there is obvious potential for SOJANG and all their previous content to come back.

Regardless, K-Pop fans are celebrating the end of SOJANG, for now.

| Instiz
  • “Wow. Hacking done with the purest intention.”
  • “I hope all the videos get deleted for good.”
  • “??? Daebak.
  • “I’m OK with Tesla Live owning the channel forever.”
  • “Upload a celebrating video and then give us an account deleting performance.”
  • “Niiice.”
  • “A white hacker!”
  • “This is hilarious. I can’t believe it’s down to a single Elon Musk video. LMAO”
  • “PLEASE get rid of all the videos.”
  • “Wait, for real? LOLOL. Oh, man. Karma’s great. Haha.”

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