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By Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

The Kentucky State Police Post 14 have announced a number of locations in Carter and neighboring counties they serve where they will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints.

The point of these traffic safety checkpoints, according to public affairs officer Trooper Shane Goodall, isn’t just to look for impaired drivers – thought that is a part of what troopers will be doing. It’s also to conduct safety checks. Troopers will be looking for things like small children who aren’t properly restrained in a child safety seat designed for children of their size and age, and informing the public about the proper use of seatbelts.

In Carter County, the locations being targeted with safety checkpoints include various locations along U.S. 60, including the intersections with Aden Road, KY 174, KY 182, at Pleasant Valley near the I-64 Overpass, Carter Caves Road, KY 1947, and at the intersection of KY 1 near Grayson. It also includes the U.S. 60 intersections with KY 3297 (Midland Trail), KY 986 in Olive Hill, KY 1626 in Globe, as well as at Gregoryville Church and Wilson Creek.

Locations along KY Route 7 include the intersection with KY 986, KY 1444 (Mayhew Flats), KY 773, and at Grayson Lake Dam.

Locations on KY Route 1 include the intersections with KY 1496, Huffs Run, Davey Run Road, KY 773 (Hitchins), and the KY North at I-64 overpass, westbound offramp to KY 1 at Pactolus.

On KY 174, checkpoints will be set up at Soldier, and at the intersection with KY 1620 (Limestone Church) and Lost Hills Road.

On Rt 2, the locations are KY 2 near the I-64 overpass, and the intersection with KY 182 and KY 474 at Carter City.

Other locations include the intersections of KY 773 and KY 1444, KY 182 and Aden Road, KY 182 and KY 986, KY 955 and KY 504, KY 2078 and KY 2531, KY 2078 and Garvin Ridge Road, KY 2531 at Clark Hill, Grahn-Aden Road and Fultz/Four Mile Road, KY 1661 and Fultz Road, Fultz Road at Four Mile Road, KY 3295 at the Rattlesnake Ridge Community Center, KY 1654 and KY 207 (Norton Branch), EK Mine Road and Lost Creek Road, and the intersection of Stinson Road and Stinson Creek, and both the eastbound and westbound exit ramps of I-64 at the Industrial Parkway.

KSP said these safety checkpoint locations were chosen to focus on areas that “are experiencing a high ratio of vehicular crashes resulting in injury (or) death compared to relatively low safety restraint usage.”

For a full list of checkpoints in Boyd, Greenup, Carter, and Lawrence counties you can visit KSP online at

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