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Kyivstar, Ukraine’s largest mobile operator, will proceed with the plan to invest $600 million in its network across the country after suffering a massive security breach and total outage last week, company president Oleksandr Komarov said at the annual Ukraine and the World Ahead event organized by NV on Dec. 21.

“We remain committed to our plans to invest $600 million in Ukraine, and we will increase our investment in cybersecurity; we will completely overhaul it,” said Komarov.

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“It turns out that this wasn’t enough. We will be completely changing our approach to the cybersecurity architecture of our company.”

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He also mentioned that Kyivstar began the process of compensating customers for the inconveniences suffered due to the recent large-scale cyberattack.

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“Today we announced a compensation program,” the company head said.

“Any Kyivstar subscriber may skip their next subscription fee and use the service for a month free of charge.”

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