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I was in 6th grade and 12 years old. I attended a private Jewish school in Sherman Oaks. At the beginning of the new semester, I was more excited. The thrill of having your own locker like older kids has finally come true.

But there was more. I was in love too.

The girls were on the 2nd floor and the boys were on the 3rd floor, so it was hard to see my crush. Sixth grade girls and boys could only meet during class on Tuesdays and Thursdays when boys came to the lab upstairs for a science class. I always found an excuse to be in the hallway at just the right time when he entered the lab or when he left to return upstairs.

One day after the science class was over, just as he tried to close the lab door, I waved from across a crowded corridor. He waved.

A few days later I received an AIM. Remember AOL’s instant messenger alerts from Edan’s nickname “Mr Eddy”? It just said “Hi”. It was him. My heart was throbbing. I said “Hey”. I didn’t talk much, but somewhere in a very short conversation, he asked me, “Do you want to be my GF?”

I didn’t understand the meaning of someone’s GF.

But I said so.

Apart from those short AIM messages, we met only from across the corridor before and after science classes every Tuesday and Thursday. It was a favorite day.

A few weeks later he told me that his family would move to Israel. I hurt my heart. We promised to write a letter. Yes, it’s an old-fashioned handwritten letter.

A few months later, my mother told me that we would go on a family trip to Israel. Okay! I asked my mother to visit my “BF”. Fortunately, she agreed and we went to Edan’s house in the afternoon. It’s about a 30-minute drive from the house of the cousin we’re staying at. At the end of the visit, his mom took a picture of us standing side by side on the driveway. We hugged each other and said goodbye as the mothers watched.

Edan and I promised to continue writing to each other. However, the distance has become very difficult. We had to “break up”. It was hard, but I moved forward. Finally.

After graduating from UCLA in 2013, I decided to leave Los Angeles. I decided to give Israel a try. Ready for adventure. I had a family there. And I started dating a man I met while studying abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I told myself that if I wasn’t happy with Israel a year later, I would return to Los Angeles. simple.

Well, one year has become seven years. My college boyfriend and I broke up soon after we moved, but by that time we started making friends and got a marketing job. I liked living in Israel. Still, no one in my life was serious. (I had heard that I had a serious relationship with Edan, so I never thought of contacting Edan. I saw a picture of them on Facebook.)

Two years ago, fast forward to the era of Tinder (an updated version of AIM). I was watching the Tinder app with two friends at a bar in Tel Aviv. The name of Edan came to me. 27 years old. wait. Isn’t it the crush of sixth grade? It’s been 16 years since then, but my face was familiar. I swiped. But nothing happened. no reply. I have no teeth.

Maybe he wasn’t.

The next day, I received a Facebook Messenger alert. And he was there.my 6th grade BF. I was shocked. He also wanted to swipe right on Tinder, but thought Facebook’s message would be more appropriate for his two old friends. We caught up with a little chatter. He asked me to go drink.

We planned to meet at a bar near my apartment in Tel Aviv.

Suddenly returned as if 16 years had melted Sixth grader waving across a crowded corridor.

He looked the same and just grew up. We talked all night until the bar closed. He was also single. He took me home and I just knew. Two years after reuniting, he proposed. And the next day, we returned to his mother’s house to celebrate his fate and recreate the photo on the driveway.

Sixth grade classmates Edan Hashai and Talia Zimmerman posed for this photo in August 2003, but have been out of contact for nearly 17 years. In September 2020, she replied yes after Edan asked to marry him when she was in junior high school.

(Photo courtesy of Talia Zimmerman. Photo illustration by Jan Moren / Los Angeles Times)

The author lives in Tel Aviv and works in marketing. She and Edan will get married on the beach in August. Half of the attendees expect to come from Los Angeles, if the COVID-19 restrictions allow.

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