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Lake implements safety changes after vehicles hit students | #schoolsaftey

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Lake County officials say they are collaborating with state and city agencies on new safety precautions after two students in two different incidents were hit by roadway traffic near Lake Minneola High School.

What You Need To Know

  • Sherman Vennoy, 17, was hit by a bus near Lake Minneola High and did not survive
  • Just a week later, another student was hit by a car just a few miles away
  • Lake County says it’s adding more lighting and other improvements in hopes of making the area safer for students

The school sits on North Hancock Road, a busy four-lane roadway lined with suburban neighborhood developments. Once students head south from the school, the trail of streetlights ends, and headlights become one of the few sources of light.

On Oct. 2, 17-year-old Sherman Vennoy was hit by a bus as it made its turn into the school. The 78-year-old bus driver swerved into the fence but still hit Vennoy, who died from his injuries. Now, a memorial for him sits next to the sidewalk.

Just a week after Vennoy died, a car hit another student a few miles from the school.

Lake County officials said they’ve been working on several efforts to make the surrounding area safer following the recent tragedy.

Lights at the nearby athletic complex will remain on during the early-morning hours while they wait for more permanent lighting. Officials say they’ve also painted the curbing and stop sign bars so they’re easier to see and are expanding lighting along a nearby trail students frequent to get to school.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said it is increasing patrols around the bus loop until more lighting is installed there, too.

Next week, the county also plans to install a trail stop sign to alert walkers near the bus loop.

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